Evidently, we are in a transitional period when increasing vibrations will trigger changes within ourselves. To interiorize these intensive energies, we should become attuned to them. We should become aware of the changes, and we should be in harmony with them. First of all, we need to rid ourselves of old-fashioned thoughts, habitual patterns, and limitations that act as barriers to our liberation and progress, and we should cease all-consuming habits such as ambition, hatred, gluttony, degenerate sexual desire, materialism, and assertiveness. The stress of this transitional period could be lessened if we can change the way we think so we view things from a different perspective. The more we involve ourselves in studies to help us realize who we are, and the more we look for ways to realize ourselves, the easier we will reach a higher understanding.

We are in a period when we will experience inner dilemmas and fears, so we need to learn how to overcome these. Avoiding or suppressing our worries and fears is useless. We need to reveal them and solve every question. We are at the edge of a window of opportunity, and if we can manage to pass to the other side, we can reach a higher point in our evolution, a higher level of existence. The universal energies active during the transitional period will affect our consciousnesses and give us the opportunity for transformation. These universal energies come from the Sun. Being the center and astrological manager of our solar system, the Sun manages the natural cycles of nature, and now it will organize our transition toward a new form of life.

How will this Transformational Energy Affect Us?

The energy of creation continuously changes, and this changing energy affects the magnetic field of the Earth and us. Whether we notice or not, the changes in our energetic fields affect us physically, mentally, and emotionally. Some notice these energetic changes because of their greater sensitivity. According to Oleg Shumilov from the Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems, geomagnetic activity does not affect everyone at the same level. Some of us are more sensitive to solar activities and changes in the magnetic field.

Changes in the magnetic field of the Earth stimulate electrical activity in the human brain, as well as the endocrinology and immune systems. Geomagnetic changes may increase between 2012 and 2013, and we may have difficulty coping with so many changes. Moreover, our responses to these changes will not be the same. Some of us may experience it as a crisis and become depressed and afraid because of this perception. Some of us may become increasingly aggressive and respond harshly.

Some of us may manage to prepare for the paradigm shift, and these people may integrate with the transformation itself, so they will adapt themselves to the new consciousness. These people will intuitionally know the need to leave their old patterns behind. While some people will be stuck in fear, others may be open to new perceptions and become inspired.

Certain results, usually only achievable after lengthy spiritual studies, might be achieved quickly by some people after the changes in the electromagnetic field.

We may experience unstable moods. Our morale might be high one day and rock bottom the next. Our physical energy may also experience ups and downs. We may feel suddenly exhausted after feeling active. We may suffer from nausea, headaches, fatigue, and hearing and visual problems. We may have difficulties in focusing. We may have memory problems. Our eating and drinking habits may change. For example, we may start disliking things we liked before. Our sleeping patterns may change. For example, we may begin to sleep more or less. We may experience nightmares or prodromal dreams. The abnormalities in the magnetic field may cause hallucinations. We may become frightened and anxious. We may want to be alone or experience problems in our relationships.

The changes will have an awakening affect. Our sensitivity may increase, and we may start using our intuitions more actively. We may feel we are beginning to realize realities that are different to those we are used to. We may feel more open and willing to feeling an extraordinary awareness. We may no longer care for the things that were so important to us before. We may want to have a joyful life. Even if everything seems to go wrong, we may feel hopeful and enthusiastic despite it. The abnormalities we will experience will not only bring troubling results but also happier psychological states.

The period when these changes will peak is a part of our spiritual transformation process when we will be able to hear our inner voices clearer than ever. If we realize this process is part of our spiritual growth, we will gain more from it. If more people progress and experience an enlargement in consciousness, the whole of society will improve. Perhaps we will also begin to realize the reasons for our illnesses. For the survival of the Earth, we should understand the reason for its illness. We will grasp this awareness with the help of our exposure to the electromagnetic fields.

As a result of being exposed to the electromagnetic fields, collective awareness may develop, but we need to be informed of the changes in the electromagnetic fields and their effects. If people are not informed on the issue, they may become frightened and anxious about their experiences, and fear can block the development of the consciousness. Some people may think they are hallucinating or believe they have lost their minds.

So, how can we attune ourselves to these magnetic shifts? Human beings have a great potential to attune themselves. We have a biological attunement mechanism we are not aware of. Perhaps the things we will experience during this time were intended to reveal our greatest attunement abilities.

The Increase in Creativity

The abnormalities in the Sun may create disturbances in biological systems—especially in the human brain, which is very sensitive to electromagnetic fields—and the magnetic field of the Earth. However, we should not fear this, because new things will follow. It is normal to experience labor pains before giving birth.

Interestingly, many innovations took place following geomagnetic abnormalities. Disaster, war, and destruction often came together with invention. It has also been observed how geomagnetic abnormalities cause some psychic differences and visions.

While this process will cause some indecisiveness, it will also open the door for some major innovations and improvements. Indecisiveness channels us to creativity. When we are imbalanced, we can realize things we were not aware of when we were balanced. Mental stability may be peaceful, but it does not help our development, so we should realize how important these changes are for our development.

Creativity first requires a complex and nonsystematic thinking process, and then persistence follows. Order comes after disorder, and we need disorder to reach a new developmental process. Progress is followed by imbalance, disorder, and chaos. The increased solar activity will prepare the scene for the indecisive and chaotic environment before the higher level of consciousness. The more chaos and disorder rules, the more development and progress will take place.

The Time for New Brain Circuits

Some scientists claim the communication between the neurons in the brain’s cortex is affected by solar activity, and this has an effect on learning and memory. We still only actively use a small part of our brain. Now, we are entering a period when our brains will be reprogrammed. Our electrical circuits, which are formed by our experiences since childhood, may now change, and new brain circuits may develop. Because of the sudden and intense energies that will emerge, trauma and shock may be experienced, and this may form new communication paths between the brain’s neurons. Perhaps this pro
cess will occur together with the solar flares.

From an astrological perspective, Uranus touring in Aries gives us the signals for all these. Aries rules the head and brain in the body. Uranus is related to electromagnetism and electrical circuits. Uranus rules unexpected and shocking experiences, which are also part of awakening. Uranus in Aries may show the sudden effects that can occur in the nervous system of the brain. The storms in the geomagnetic field occurring because of solar flares may be somehow similar to brainstorms…

The Sun: Is It Our Destiny?

According to the Mayans and the Aztecs, a new Sun is beginning. Our ancient ancestors showed us our fated relationship with the Sun.

We also affect each field, and we are affected by them, so we are always in communion with the universe. We give and take energy and information. We are affected by the fluctuations caused by solar activities. The most well-known effect of solar activity is winter depression: When the Sun’s radiation decreases, especially in locations closer to the poles, depression increases.

The changes in the magnetic field of the Earth caused by solar activity cause sleep disorders, hallucinations, various mental problems, and even suicides. Research conducted by NASA showed there is a correlation between magnetic field changes and heart attacks, sudden infant mortality, and many functional disorders. The Sun affects us more than we can imagine and in a very complex way. The changes in solar and geomagnetic activities may cause unexpected physical and psychological consequences. Due to the increase in global activities, the number of traffic accidents, deaths, births, injuries, psychological problems, and monetary problems increase. We may also see some aftereffects.

During years when solar activity peaks, the magnetic field shows irregularities and disturbances. Accidents, diseases, arrhythmia, hallucinations, sleep disorders, and psychological problems also increase. The more powerful the magnetic fluctuations are, the more these problems become more common. Research undertaken by Robert O. Becker, a physician at the New York University Upstate Medicine Center, and Howard Friedman, a psychologist, states that admissions to psychiatric clinics increase when solar flares increase. Becker claims that powers below or above the average, unexpected fluctuations, or no fluctuations may cause undesired behavioral changes.

There is also a relationship between the geomagnetic activity level and our level of thinking and interests. The number of aviation accidents caused by human error also increases with geomagnetic activities. When geomagnetic activity was decreased within a test environment, the alpha rhythm was seen to be dominant. On the other hand, when geomagnetic activity was increased, epileptic attacks, psychiatric problems, and Alzheimer’s and other neurological problems increased. In particular, the number of suicide attempts increased.

As some of the information was not declared to the public, and because of the influence of the media, people may react with panic. Only detailed and accurate information on the issue can help us to not become afraid and perceive this as an opportunity. Perhaps we are experiencing some breaking points with intervals, and we come across both threats and opportunities. The choice is ours: We can avoid the changes, or we can be constructive.

Our role in this choice is not a passive one. It is crucial for us to realize how powerful the effects of the geomagnetic abnormalities are. The human-made, artificial abnormalities are also important. The natural ones have a specific meaning and work according to a predetermined program, but the artificial ones cause chaos and disturb this program. For example, changes in the magnetic field may discomfort whales, but they may still find their way if there is no interference by people, because such artificial interference prevents their adaptation. All artificial electromagnetic transmitters, cars, industrial buildings, and so on cause pollution and disturb biological systems, discomforting living things. Technological developments cost a lot, because their artificial fields cause unconformity and illusions. Every appliance we use spreads electromagnetic fields, affecting our neurochemical processes.

Some studies show that powerful natural fields also help psychic awareness and visions. These may be necessary steps of evolution, because we are a part of the spiritual transformation process. Our inner voice is now more easily heard than before, and hallucinations are perceived differently. We can choose the path to develop them.

Can We Affect Solar Activity Through our Consciousness and Collective Mind?

Researchers claim conscious human effort can affect the planetary magnetic energy fields and collective consciousness positively. When human thoughts and feelings are synchronized, they can affect solar activity and geomagnetic fields as a result. The power of simultaneous focusing by human masses and its effect on solar activity are not supported by theories in physics, but many people are interested in the issue. Meditation, creative imagery, and positive thinking helped this notion, and many people managed to increase their quality of life.

An increasing number of people advocate the power of simultaneous thought. More and more meditate and pray regularly for world peace. We can contribute to a peaceful world by praying and imagining a better world, but first of all, we need to find our inner peace.

The statistics show that meditation and prayer may decrease the solar activities to some extent. The day after each peace meditation, solar activity was seen to be lower, and an interesting evaluation has been made through these statistics. The experiments showed positive results, proving that both individual and collective thoughts have a powerful effect.

The more people meditate, the more they resonate with solar activity, causing it to decrease somehow. Furthermore, people may also affect other people on our planet by affecting the geomagnetic field. All these studies and experiments have great importance, because they show us that individual and collective thought is so powerful when a certain number of people cooperate for the same purpose.

This theme also fits in with the Mayan cosmology. The Mayans defined the period starting December 21, 2012 as the period of “unifying for a single purpose.” Now, it is time to cooperate and unify in order to show the power of the collective consciousness. The Mayans pointed out this simple message many ages ago.

The nature of the harsh astrological aspects occurring between 2012 and 2015, and their reflections and possible results, should be examined carefully. We should avoid negative and imbalanced effects and utilize their creative side. Consequently, we can take important steps toward the global consciousness shift that will carry humanity to a higher level. We should be aware that we are responsible for our energies, emotions, and actions on the oath of this global consciousness shift. We are responsible for finding our inner balance and being balanced with the Earth, so this transition and peak in consciousness may also be reflected to the global environment.

The Shift in Consciousness

Some researchers claim the radiation carried to the Earth by solar storms may help open the door for the shift in consciousness. When this radiation intensifies, we may feel different things physically, emotionally, and spiritually. With the help of this powerful energy flow, some feelings that are buried deep will come to the surface. Our job is to learn some lessons from them. If we cannot deal with them, we may lose our balance. However, if we can get in touch with our inner self, we may start searching for answers to whom we are, why we are here, and what the real purpose of our lives is. If we look inside and communicate with our higher selves, the cosmic energies may
help us during this process. We may begin to perceive that our materiality is just an illusion, and our life purpose is not to run after our desires but rather that being here, right now is the greatest gift for us. Then we may understand how everything is connected independently of time and space.

Now, it is time to expand our consciousness, and we should improve and use our intuitions. We should also protect our integrity, because this is a time of tests and difficulties. We should remain connected to our higher self, using our spirits to preserve our integrity. To reach this state, we need to turn inside and clean ourselves from hatred, anger, ambition, and passion. Personal development studies such as prayer, meditation, energy studies, and breathing exercises can help us to achieve this refinement. We should not be afraid of not being able to complete this purification, and we should not try to rush it. When we intend such a purification, we will meet with the proper options. The only thing we need do is be aware of the doors opening in front of us!

We should not just see the apparent side of events. We should always remember that material things are temporary, whereas our spirit is immortal and permanent. The ones who only see the apparent side of events may experience stress and physical destruction within this transition period.

Environmental factors are changing rapidly, and we are also changing physically, mentally, and spiritually. Time seems to flow faster than before because we now experience things in shorter periods than before. The more we manage to be flexible, open minded, and modest, the easier we will keep pace with the changing conditions.

Awakening to a Higher Reality

The positive effect of solar activity is that it also creates the appropriate environment for intellectual victories, technical and scientific innovations, and entrepreneurship. Moreover, solar effects help us to open the path to our inner identity, to our integrity. It increases individual creativity and awareness. We may also perceive solar flares as flares within our consciousness, and they can have some frightening effects. The Sun tells us our basic issues, and it tells us the stories of our lives; it seems to tell us the journey of a hero.

During the solar activity and changes in the magnetic field, we may experience some parts of our consciousness that we are not accustomed to. We may reach a higher awareness and go beyond the boundaries of our known realities. To realize this higher existence, we need to succeed in travelling beyond the boundaries of our minds. Undoubtedly, this is not an easy matter for many people. To achieve it, we need to want to experience the wider possibilities of the unknown reality, and we need to support it with all our hearts. Yes, not using only our minds but our hearts as well, from the depths of our souls!

These changes herald the beginning of a new path of existence and a new period of reality. On the other hand, this transformational period is a shocking one. Changing our patterns and replacing our existing perceptions of reality with higher ones will not be easy. During this period, we will experience the square between Uranus, the Great Awakener, and Pluto, the Great Transformer, seven times. This means we may experience shocking changes that carry us to new beginnings and higher levels of consciousness.

Everything is entirely and directly linked to consciousness. If our consciousness provides us a continuous information flow, and if we know how to hear it, we may find the right path. Our consciousness is not limited to our minds, thoughts, and bodies; we may go beyond our bodies, time, and space and reach infinity. By passing beyond time, we may reach the information we need.

Our thoughts are formed by a series of electrical circuits. While we think, our mind works using electricity, but our consciousness is not just electricity; it is also electromagnetic. The continuous flow of information that arrives at us at the subconscious level is provided via this electromagnetic field. When our electrical and electromagnetic fields are activated together, we may leap toward a higher consciousness. This “moment” carries us to a multi-dimensional awareness. In such a moment, we are completely free of the limitations of time, space, and other things. Such awareness in a single “moment” may be followed by sudden shocks and imbalances, which may be supported by the fluctuations in the magnetic field between 2012 and 2013, the period when the solar maximum will be experienced.

A Sudden Leap in Consciousness

Some authors who have written about 2012 speculate that the Mayans thought humanity will be affected by a huge energetic force, a synchronization ray, on December 21, 2012. They claim the Mayans were waiting for a shift in consciousness with the new cycle beginning on December 21, 2012. The question is whether we will experience this shift in consciousness suddenly in a single moment. We do not know definitively, but the evolutionary process tends to work in sudden leaps. Many indicators show we are at the edge of such a leap in consciousness, a sudden awareness and awakening.

Sudden leaps in consciousness are similar to high-octane solar flares. One of my friends told me how one day he experienced a state of sudden enlightenment. After doing a little research, he discovered there was an important solar flare on the same day. He shared his experience with me after I told him about the effects of solar activity on the human consciousness. Whatever happens in the Sun is related to what takes place in our minds/consciousnesses. Western science also approves of the relationship between solar activity and human attitudes.

According to Dieter Broers, the increasing abnormalities in the Earth’s magnetic field are a sign of the emergence of a new species. Broers thinks Homo sapiens may evolve through chain reactions triggered by solar flares. In his book, he emphasizes that many colleagues—such as Professor Herbert L. König, Professor H. Fröhlich, Professor Alexander Presman and others—also confirm the importance of electromagnetic fields in evolution, supporting his thesis.

If all these esteemed scientists are right, we may be very close to the beginning of a peak period in the evolution of human consciousness!

Some psychics say changes leading to extraordinary perception will be realized when we reach the gamma consciousness, which is beyond the third dimension. When we reach that level, we will need to go beyond logic. With the help of Neptune in Pisces, our consciousness will then be ready for contributing to this creation without resistance. A state of mind in sync with all of existence may ascend us to this purity, so we should not pay heed to the warnings of our egos. By flowing with the wind, we may have the chance to reach a transcendent level of consciousness. The higher insights available on that level may be a part of our existence and may help us realize the new realities in a moment, and we may integrate all this information. The consciousness, which will be met by Neptune’s journey in Pisces, will help us to experience this sudden awareness.

Saturn will tour in Scorpio between 2012 and 2014, helping us to integrate the new knowledge and support our transformation. This knowledge will not be acquired from outside sources but from deep inside—it will come to the surface through deep experiences. If we wish to see our own reality, Saturn in Scorpio will help us. We will cease seeing ourselves from the viewpoint of others and find the path that reaches our depths, giving us the potential to reach the maximum frequency of our creation. This period, which we define as the rise of humanity, is the time when we should turn to the consciousness of oneness.

As Neptune entered into Pisces in February 2012, our ability to perceive things that are beyond logic increased, and we began to move with this flow. We should rediscover our inner vo
ices and our instincts to awaken our powers, which are waiting to be activated.

To Stay in the Moment

We should not be focused on our past and previous conditions, because all these have already been blown away by the winds of change. If we are stuck with these old energies, we cannot proceed, so we should let them go. We should learn the importance of the “moment” and to “stay in the moment.”

The only thing that exists is “now,” right at this moment. The past and future already exist within each moment of our reality, and they are together, so “now” is “always” connected with the past and future. Perhaps, this is what the Mayans meant with the phrase “the end of times.” Perhaps we will reach an understanding through the dramatic changes in our perception of reality.

The End of Times

Our perception of time is changing, and time flows quicker than before. Because of the universal energies, we feel this effect individually. When the magnetic field of the Earth weakens, our perception of time also changes, and scientific research confirms this.

Research conducted at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich showed that the parietal brain lobes, which organize the body and its relationship with the environment using the information from the sensory organs, are also related to the perception of time. It showed that the same part of the brain is also sensitive to the geomagnetic fields.

Professor Andrew Newberg, who investigated brain activity during meditation, concluded that when this part of the brain is “closed,” a feeling of being one with the environment was experienced. Some of the subjects lost their perception of time and space and reached Nirvana, the state of nonexistence in Buddhism. This is what we call “being united with everything.” Newberg claimed that if we let go, we could reach this feeling of unity and infinity. The reflection of such feelings will be more intense with Neptune’s entering into Pisces in 2012. With the help of solar activities and changes in the magnetic field, we could reach higher levels of consciousness that are normally only reachable after sustained spiritual training. With the solar maximum period, when we will see important changes in the magnetic field, we may go beyond the limitations of time and space and have extraordinary experiences.

Our perception of time and space may undergo significant changes because of the increasing solar activity and rapid changes in the magnetic fields. As you know, we lose our perception of time and space when we dream, so during the period when Neptune stays in Pisces, we may feel as though we are in a dream, we may lose our perception of time and space, and we may also experience changes in our perception of reality.

Could our Perception of Reality Change?

Could the solar flames and photonic waves dispersed from the Sun affect us on a cellular level and change our physical reality? Could they awaken our cellular memory and clean it? According to Dieter Broers, the answer is yes!

Broers states: “Our unprocessed feelings, rooted in past traumas and experiences, are cumulated in our cellular memory in the form of low-frequency energies. Photonic waves coming from the Sun carry high-frequency energies and help us to increase the energy level within our cellular memory. During this attunement, we may feel sad, furious, or mournful without knowing what the reason is. The reason is that the elements of our divine plan have touched our cellular memories. The photon energy currents increase the energy level of our cellular memories, and as a result, some elements of our divine plan come to the surface. Consequently, many people start remembering their ‘Spiritual Purposes’ and suddenly feel a need for reorganizing their lives to achieve a higher purpose.”

If Broers is right, this high-frequency photon energy may increase the power and speed of our thoughts, as well as our capacity to realize them. So, our thoughts may become real within a shorter period of time. If we cannot direct our thoughts to our dearest desires, we may attract unwanted results. Being positive and constructive will bring about success! So, what if we cannot control our feelings and thoughts? What about those who are anxious and attracted toward fear? What of those who cannot forgive and tend to take revenge? Unfortunately, they will attract negative outcomes, so we should review our fears, worries, and old patterns of thoughts that lead us to negativity, and we should face them. Through conscious approaches and awareness, we may go beyond the low energies and reach the positive vibrations. Within this period, we will witness absolutely the importance of free will and choice!

Frequent and dense solar activities will act as the catalyst that helps us to abandon our old patterns. However, we should be prepared to feel unease within this period.

What else Can We Do?

We are relatively experiencing this new energy system that will carry us to a brand-new age, and in the near future, we will be completely in this process. This is an inevitable process that is out of our control, but we have the right to choose: We can choose our role, and we can choose how we are affected by these new energy currents. It is time to make the right choices and accept responsibility for our thoughts and actions. We should all make both individual and collective efforts. How we behave toward the Earth, nature, and each other affects everything. I agree that if our thoughts and feelings are synchronized, we can affect solar activity and geomagnetic fields as a result. Statistics also show that meditation and prayer for world peace decrease solar activity to a certain extent. In our country, we see collective actions such as rain prayers. Perhaps these actions may not always work, but when they do work, it is because we can communicate with our deepest consciousness. With a little effort, we can also communicate with the consciousness of the whole. In addition to scientific and technological cautions, I believe we should not ignore the wisdom that was known to the ancient civilizations.

I have already mentioned how we could suffer from disturbances in blood pressure, reproduction, heart and vein problems, and neurological disorders during solar and geomagnetic activities. The planetary alignments may also have similar effects. It is stated that the exchange of love supports our immune system. The best way of keeping our health and healing, both individually and socially, is to strengthen our bonds of love. The high frequency produced by the exchange of love affects our life energy positively. Reflecting our love to anything—people, animals, flowers, objects, and any living or nonliving thing—helps us to increase our vibration. Attending organizations that increase our potential for love, joy, and happiness will help us overcome all stress.

Solar and universal energy currents are a part of a natural cycle: They do not occur to destroy us. The most important thing we can do is to predict the timing of solar activities. In addition to scientific methods and observations, we can use astrology for this. One of the main functions of astrology is to forewarn. With the help of these warnings, we can prepare ourselves. Astrological predictions do not aim to create fear but rather raise awareness to reorganize our attitudes. We should be aware of what is happening around us and stay clear of fear and worry. The antidote to fear is love, and our negative feelings and thoughts are the only barriers holding the energy of love back from growing within us. If we believe we live on a fearful Earth, our minds and bodies will suffer from the choice, and we will have unhealthy lives. If we choose to see the world as a place full of love, then our minds and bodies will be harmonized and become healthier. First, we should heal ourselves, forgive others, and accept everyone as they are. We should approach peo
ple with love instead of being stuck.

The energy of the Sun can increase our happiness. It may be directed toward innovation, and as a result, we can fight hunger and disease, we can develop important inventions, we can explore the skies and the seas, and we can achieve peace and progress for the whole of humanity. We can learn how to think and act collectively! For the collective consciousness, a certain number of people should reach this awareness so we can reach the awakening symbolized by 2012.

A Window of Opportunity

We should keep faith in the coming months. We should remember we are not at the edge of a horrible end, but that we are at the onset of a new and promising era. Instead of focusing on disasters, we should try to become spiritual entities that are attuned with the Earth. Our DNA receives and reflects the frequencies. If our energy and hope increase, we can become attuned with the central energies of the universe and vibrate at the same frequency.

In fact, solar activity offers us beneficial and creative energies that help us to ascend to higher dimensions we cannot even imagine at the moment. Therefore, this period should be considered an opportunity, a window of opportunity leading to a quantum leap in our consciousness. We are experiencing a period when we will be able to commune with our higher existence, when we will be able to realize many things about the relationship between humanity and the universe, and when our individual and collective consciousness will experience an awakening. In Astrology, the Sun is the core and the whole. Although we will go through some harsh experiences, if we stay in touch with the core/spirit, we can preserve our wholeness and overcome all difficulties with the help of our free will. We should always keep in mind that the planets do not have willpower, but we do, and we should leave our old patterns behind.

Professor Henrik Svensmark from the Denmark Space Research Institute states that the Earth’s responses to solar activities protect us from various cosmic rays. During periods of high solar activity, the magnetic field, strengthened by the solar winds, protects us from cosmic rays. During periods of low solar activity, more cosmic rays reach the Earth and ionized particles act as the nucleus. More clouds are produced, and the climate becomes colder. According to Mitch Battros, cosmic rays can frequently cause serious health problems.

We will all go through a change, and the earlier we begin this transformation voluntarily, the better for us it will be. We can prepare by starting meditation, spiritual practices, working with energies, and breathing exercises, and this will help our senses to be more open. All these spiritual exercises help us to reach the alpha level, so we may easily dismiss any fear and worry. Breathing exercises are especially important techniques.

Below, you will find some advice on how to prepare for this transformational period:

Prepare your consciousness for physical, emotional, and mental change.

Plan the activities that will aid your preparation and start them without delay, because delay leaves residues in our energetic fields.

Instead of ignoring things, increase your awareness.

Keep your eyes and mind open. See what’s going on and read between the lines.

Review your motivation to cling to life.

Follow the signs in your horoscope: Are you on track with your real purpose and mission?

Spend time in nature: Be in peace with the animals, the plants, your mind, and your body.

Do not neglect your personal care. Consider what you eat, stop drinking alcohol, and stop other bad habits. Rid yourself of your addictions and drink plenty of water.

Take some precautions for your own security against the natural disasters, economic turbulences, and chaos that may occur.

Do favors for others. Give and receive love, and do this on a daily basis like any regular exercise.

Be honest! First to yourself, then to others.

Be aware of your own power! The source of your power is your spirit, not your ego!

Learn forgiveness: First to yourself, then to others.

Be caring, tolerant, and merciful: Both to yourself and others.

Instead of watching life, get involved in it: Some things can only be achieved through experience.

Instead of waiting for things to happen, get into action. The universe likes action!

Be open to the change and be brave.

Look as you are or be as you look!

Be aware of your own value! You are a part of the whole, and you are precious.

Love yourself and others! You are worth it!

Be grateful for every breath you take.

I would also like to quote from one of the famous poems of Rumi: “Be like the Sun: caring and merciful…”

Our inner powers that will help us are waiting to be awakened. We should rediscover our inner voices and intuitions. We should notice and take care of the warnings from our subconscious, our feelings, and our visions. These will help us to understand the changes we will experience from 2012 to 2015 and be synchronized with them.

The ancient mystic movements also show us that humanity reached a higher level of existence through such changes. We are moving toward a physical, emotional, and spiritual awakening, and I believe solar activities do not prevent but rather support this process. Through this period when we will feel maximal solar effects, we may contribute to the process if we know that our consciousness is being attuned to higher frequencies and that we are being prepared to test “the maximum” of our evolutionary process.

Öner Döşer