Author: Cem Şen

why are you here?

Why Are You Here? 

Do you have to live what you’re going to live? Or can you decide what your future is going to be? If you truly have the power to control your destiny, you should control what’s happening. If you can’t influence destiny, you should stop trying…

the mind

The Mind 

When a mind overthinks, it unavoidably finds itself in a myriad of negative thoughts. Before long, thoughts tend to gravitate toward criticizing, finding mistakes, judging, angering, envying, despairing, regretting, and worrying. A mind focused on negativity soon becomes oblivious to real solutions. But what about…

focus on your good features

Focus on Your Good Features 

Buddha gave some simple yet effective advice for people who want to change themselves: Focus on your good features. Most of us encounter various hurdles in life. It might be the growing number of weeds in your garden, a fungal infection in your body, or…

the fear of peace

The Fear of Peace 

Based on my observations of our times, one of the most serious phobias is “the fear of peace.” It’s such a limiting and confusing fear that when confronted with peace, which is the only solution to their problems, people react painfully, similar to how people…

correct parenting

Correct Parenting 

Do you ever worry that you cannot spend enough money on your children or feel guilty because you cannot send them to a private school? Education is certainly a good and valuable thing, but what our children really need is correct parenting rather than a…

the teacher and the technician

The Teacher and the Technician 

It’s a common problem to confuse a teacher with a technician when you’re trying to follow the path of truth. Teaching some techniques is not the same thing as being a true teacher. A teacher doesn’t teach you techniques; a teacher transforms you. You probably…

the way of the heart

The Way of the Heart 

No one has to starve, fall into despair, or suffer. There’s no need for conflict. There’s no need for danger or to feel unsafe. There’s no need for crises or unease, no need for unhappiness, despair, and distress. There’s no need for any of these….

reinforcing compassion

Reinforcing Compassion 

Dear friends, it’s the gospel truth that compassion is the greatest force in this universe. The reason why we seek money, power, domination, reputation, approval, and other things is to gain happiness, peace, health, joy, and wisdom. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, because the…

the red saucer

The Red Saucer 

In a room containing five people, the fact that a saucer on the table is red is subject to the perception and acceptance of the five people. If one of them claims the saucer is orange, the other four will start to think there’s a…

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