Author: Hasan Sonsuz


The First Kiss 

You know, when you like someone, your heart skips a beat when you see that person. You secretly take a peek at her (or him as the case may be), and if she looks back at you, you go head over heels. Your heart beats…

i know it hurts a lot

I Know It Hurts a Lot 

You feel like something is scooping out your stomach. Sometimes that pain strikes right through your heart, and you know those days very well. Sometimes it feels like you’re being pulled apart limb by limb. But the most difficult one to bear is when you…

oh, that mind!

Oh, That Mind! 

I went to the registry office today. My father’s notice of death needs be registered so we can proceed with the necessary procedures. When we went there on Friday, it hadn’t registered in the system yet, so it was like he was still alive. The…

the miracle of osteopathy

The Miracle of Osteopathy 

Last week, my daughter Sonsuz climbed up on my shoulders. She loves riding around on my shoulders, and has done since she was born, but now she is 13. With her weight on my shoulders, I suddenly felt pain in my back, and I couldn’t…

just fidelity

Just Fidelity 

A master who walks the path of truth knows that he does not actually teach anything but merely reminds his students about what is already there. How lucky and loved I am to have had so many beautiful reminders. Some I read in books, and…

playing in the game of life

Playing in the Game of Life 

I like playing games when I take the bus, especially soccer games. I’ve gone through all the soccer games in existence already, though, so I haven’t had a decent game to play for some time. Then I discovered a new game on Google Play where…