Author: Hasan Sonsuz Çeliktaş

i don’t know

I Don’t Know 

Saying, “I don’t know” whenever I didn’t know the answer is so liberating. For me personally, one of the most beautiful things I gained from our trip to Egypt in last May was earning the freedom to say, “I don’t know.” Two lovely friends had…

womb of humanity

Womb of Humanity 

After the events of this morning, I thought to myself, “Why are things in the Middle East always so complicated? I then suddenly realized something: The Middle East is the womb of humanity, where civilization was born before spreading. The feminine energy of the planet…

i am human

I Am Human 

I am the most intelligent species on this planet. I have five senses to help me navigate through my world. I eat meat and vegetables. I could even eat my own species if I were hungry enough. I am incredibly creative, but I’m also tremendously…

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