Author: Hasan Sonsuz Çeliktaş

buddha and his wife

Buddha and His Wife 

Buddha became enlightened, and Buddha became Buddha. Buddha then returned to his homeland. Only one person hadn’t forgiven him. Do you have any idea who it was? It was his wife… She basically said, “I wish you had never left Samsara, you bastard!” On another…

the ego

The Ego 

It’s not a problem to have an ego. The problems come when the ego controls or owns us. In Latin, the word “ego” means “I.” This “I” is the dominant factor that helps differentiate us from each other, making the diversity of life possible. Putting…

life and motorcycles

Life and Motorcycles 

I heard a fascinating observation during my journey to Bali. A dear friend of mine, Selim Demirel, is a former motorcycle trainer. He said, “Riding motorcycles and philosophy have a lot in common. For example, if you spot an obstacle while riding, there’s a 99%…

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