Author: Meryem Fatma Suna

sexual personality analysis

Sexual Personality Analysis 

Many of the indulgences we partake of in life can actually give telling hints about our personalities. For instance, you can see someone’s general relationship with life by observing how they eat. If you consciously watch someone’s entire course of eating—such as how they act…

o’ woman of mine

O’ Woman of Mine 

O’ woman of mine! You are soaked in sorrow and scented by vim and vigor. Encountering denial in your being, And giving yourself the Judas kiss, You are that moon-faced woman of mine! The light of your sun, which does not shine in your eyes,…

are you accessible?

Are You Accessible? 

How much access do we allow each other, sensually, emotionally, intellectually, and intuitively? A healthy communication between people, especially between opposing genders, comes about by being accessible. You can only reach out when you are accessible. Our body receives and processes information through its network…

the irresistible blessing

The Irresistible Blessing 

Knowledgeable masters talk about the two types of siddha (the perfect human). Siddha refers to miraculous powers and perfect abilities. The notion of Saddhana Siddha is used by those who practice a number of disciplines to reach this perfection with its abilities and miracles. They…

from guilt to responsibility

From Guilt to Responsibility 

The notion of responsibility only forms once you free yourself from feelings of guilt. When feelings of guilt are lodged within your personality, all your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors develop as defensive or offensive reactions. No matter the subject or experience, you would always have…

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