Author: Meryem Fatma Suna

the irresistible blessing

The Irresistible Blessing 

Knowledgeable masters talk about the two types of siddha (the perfect human). Siddha refers to miraculous powers and perfect abilities. The notion of Saddhana Siddha is used by those who practice a number of disciplines to reach this perfection with its abilities and miracles. They…

from guilt to responsibility

From Guilt to Responsibility 

The notion of responsibility only forms once you free yourself from feelings of guilt. When feelings of guilt are lodged within your personality, all your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors develop as defensive or offensive reactions. No matter the subject or experience, you would always have…

are you looking for trust?

Are You Looking for Trust? 

You say, “The government says we are safe,” but I don’t feel safe at all. Our lives are in danger, so what’s going to happen to us? In the most basic sense, trust is defined as the feeling of believing and connecting without fear, restraint,…

poverty among plenty

Poverty Among Plenty 

You say, “I thought I was suffering, but I was not. If I had been suffering, I would have matured.” So, what was it? Do you know what real suffering is? All other suffering is also attached to it: It’s parting! Your most basic belief…



Protecting the mind’s purity and clarity is privacy. Your existence is sacred. You are sacred, blessed and great as you are. “Humanity got stuck at its sexual center and lost its return ticket home, namely privacy (“mahremiyet” in Turkish).” The roots of the Turkish word…