Author: Nirmala

true healing

True Healing 

Q: I’m dealing with a severe illness. I inquired and found that I have little or no will to live, that I fear God is punishing me with this illness, and that I also feel I don’t deserve to be healed or have a passionate,…

seeing love in an act of murder

Seeing Love in an Act of Murder 

Q: The quote in your exquisite book, Living from the Heart, “But when we see the loving nature of even murder….” needs expansion for me. A: When I point to love as the true nature of even a murderous act, I’m not denying the horrible tragedy that…

sensing inside

Sensing Inside 

We often look into our mind to know something, and so when we want to know ourselves, we often look into the mind for that also. But the mind is full of thoughts about what we want to know and never the thing itself. You…

what is advaita or nonduality?

What Is Advaita or Nonduality? 

Advaita means nondual or ‘not two.’ This oneness is a fundamental quality of everything. Everything is a part of and made of one nondual conciousness. Often the question arises, “If it is all one thing, why don’t I experience it that way?” This is confusing oneness for the…

make believe

Make Believe 

We live in a make-believe reality. We make up our beliefs and then live as if they are true, and in that sense they are true for us. But we make them up; we make believe. And in any moment, we can make believe something…

how do we know?

How Do We Know? 

Self-realization is knowing who you really are. How do we know something? Is it enough to be told? Or is there something more that must happen for us to truly know something? And do we even need to be told who we already are? It…

beyond no self

Beyond No Self 

The spiritual journey is a movement away from over-identification with the body and mind to the rediscovery of our true identity as infinite Being, and this can be two different movements. The first is dis-identification with the body and mind. Since identification is simply a…

there is only love

There Is Only Love 

Anything you or anyone else has ever done has been the movement of love. What shapes this movement of love is the sense of me. What we’re always doing is taking care of the self, whether it is a small sense of self or a…

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