Author: Seçil Bozdağ

pausing myself
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Pausing Myself 

I am the child of a system that relentlessly forces us to study, work, produce, and rush, so I grew up believing that survival involved being busy with learning, doing stuff, and making things, regardless of whether it was necessary or beneficial for me. I…

my little ms
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My Little MS 

MS is the Turkish equivalent of BC (meaning “before Christ”) when referring to years before the birth of Christ. Since 2011, even though I still see the term in history books, these two letters have a completely new meaning for me. They now refer to…


Do not Seek Me… 

Do not seek me, for you shall not find me. You assume you will get a hold of me, but you won’t. You assume you will experience me, but you won’t. Aren’t you tired of fooling yourself like this? There’s nothing to seek, nor is…

do not forget.

Do not Forget. 

Don’t forget yourself when you get carried away within life. Remember… Do not Forget. Don’t forget yourself when you get carried away within life. Remember… Even if there was only one moment when you touched your soul, don’t forget. Remember… Even if all the luxuries…

the giver

The Giver 

Khalil Gibran once said the following: You give but little when you give of your possessions. True giving is when you give of yourself. For what are your possessions other than mere things that you keep and guard in fear of future destitution? And do…

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