Author: Ogulcan Aksoy



The Turkish word “çile,” which translates as “ordeal,” means 40 in its Farsi origins. For any knowledge to be transformed into consciousness, meaning that it can be used confidently, some 40 days, 40 repetitions, or 40 tests (whichever your prefer) is needed. For this very…

beyond illusion

Beyond Illusion 

The reality that exists around us, the one we live In, is actually nothing more than an illusion created by the self and projected onto our eyes. Everything, yes everything, is merely an external reflection of the esoteric. The truth lies beyond this illusion… Creation…

are you accessible?

Be Wary of Spiritual Narcissists 

When it comes to people involved in personal development, esoteric, and mystical practices, it’s expected that they can keep their egos under control. On the contrary, however, in such environments, we encounter people who consider themselves gifts to humanity. They ensure we mortals feel the…

the awakening of the goddess

The Awakening of the Goddess 

This is what the Goddess is, the underlying feminine principle of the universe, the queen of secrets, the mother of magic that lights up the sky at night, and the mysticism of the very land we live upon. “Since our souls are adjusted to be…

the elephant of giza

The Elephant of Giza 

Chapter One Albert slammed the door. Giza finally found the courage to jump from her own bed and tentatively walk down the hall. If you were there yourself, you would have heard the sound of midnight in the house. Giza felt apprehension deep down, and…

how to earn money?

How to Earn Money? 

My dear friends, I could claim to be the best brand manager in the world, but when I check my bank account, I see that’s not the case at all. My talent, knowledge, curiosity, and energy allow me to undertake amazing projects to create and…

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