Author: Mark Wentworth

spiritual emergencies

Spiritual Emergencies 

What to Do in a Spiritual Emergency? The growing popularity of the so-called “new age” movements has successfully simplified many esoteric teachings and introduced new people to them. Unfortunately, it has also led to a flawed belief that the discipline-based approaches of the “old-school” systems…

spiritual detox

Spiritual Detox 

When your Life looks totally fucked up, investigate to see what you are worshipping (paying attention to). Are you paying attention to the story or the feelings, the moment? What feeling do you not want to feel? This will help you journey to the root…

entrance to spirituality

Entrance to Spirituality 

Hey guys, The whole world is talking about this self-help and self-development stuff, so let’s start with the basics. The word self refers to something that belongs to a particular person and only that person. Development means to experience and use those experiences to mature…

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