Author: Yigit Penguen



One should be capable of crossing the threshold and leaving behind the house of past times. Even though there may be loved ones inside, woes that you hold on to, people that you lost, or fond memories, you should be able to leave it. A…

are you accessible?
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Mutable Sense 

We do not feel anymore. We sense instead. In every atom, every particle, every cell, every frequency, and every vibration, we sense. It’s been a long way getting here. We’ve overcome many obstacles. We woke up one morning and were filled with hope. We woke…

are you really standing still?

Are You Really Standing Still? 

We have so many dreams, wishes, and hopes, but sometimes we give up and say that they’re not going to happen. Still, there’s something we’re waiting for deep down inside. We feel it in our bones. It’s a beginning, a soft voice, a gentle push,…