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Here are topics from this issue:

Flames of Love – Hasan Sonsuz Çeliktaş
Choosing Yourself Despite Yourself – Tülay Aydoğmuş
Seeking vs. Letting Go of Seeking – Nirmala
You are The Player. Wake Up! – Meryem Fatma Suna
Are You Brave Enough? – Yunus Emre Berk
Do You Have Balance in Your Life? – Deniz Öztaş
10 Spiritual Documentaries that Say “What the *Bleep* Do We Know?” – Hasan Sonsuz Çeliktaş
You Are not Your Astrological Sign – Fatih Keçelioğlu
Peripatetic Meditations about ‘The 4 Temperaments or Humors of Man’ – Nalan&Nico Lecerf
Voice, Breath, Silence – Seda Vardı
Multi-partner Relationship – Ma Ananda Sarita
The Yellow Bus – Pınar Akpınar
Ice in the Desert – The Wicked Rose
Interior Design Styles – Sinem Oktay
A Special Dinner – İdil Göksel
Collapse the Illusion, and Experience the Freedom and Peace – Damla Aktan
Creatures in Turkish Mythology (Part 1) – Tunç Pekmen
The Relay Race for Wisdom – Özge Özdemir
and many poems from Anatolian Sufi’s…