I just had a talk with my 17-year-old son. He’s curiously learning the ways of the world and waking up to some of its realities.

He’s questioning many things, as do many of his peers, which is brilliant.

In their history class the other day, the topic was the Aztecs, Incas, and Native Americans and how they were persecuted by European settlers back in the day. He was profoundly affected by it. He couldn’t believe or understand the level of brutality that us human beings have inside.

My son, bless his soul, felt the need to talk about it with someone. He couldn’t find a place for all that murder and torture, the human darkness, anywhere in his mind.

Although I know a few things about human darkness, I choose to avoid it whenever possible. I prefer to focus on the good, such as the compassion and potential for good deeds that everyone has inside.

Still, our talk made me think once again about that darkness and violence, of the hurt we human beings can inflict.

Besides I was wondering how to respond to him and how I could make him understand the balance of good and evil in this world. Should I talk about the darkness in him and all of us human beings?

All I could think of was to steer him toward the good, because although there is brutality, there is also compassion and good. We all have the potential for good inside, and it’s just a matter of choice. You can affect the world and the whole of humanity through peaceful, compassionate acts.

I just wanted to encourage a young soul about the nature of humanity, to restore his faith in people, and to show him that there is hope every time a person does a good deed or has a good thought.

Still, we all get to see in our daily lives the violence and hurt inside each other. Now and again, we get to meet our own hurt and see how it has the potential to turn into violence if we let it. A question then came to my mind: Is it really that difficult to rise above all the events, thoughts, and feelings and become more conscious of focusing on the good and finding the compassion inside to unite everyone and everything? Why is it so difficult? These are naive thoughts perhaps.

I have always been an optimist, though, and I genuinely believe that the more people connect with the Source, with their essence and the Creator, the more hope there will be for unity.

And as we unite, we will go beyond all the limits, restrictions, ideologies, and the hurt within, leading us to create a world without borders but filled with love, one where everyone is united in peace. This has already started.

Do not assume that whomever you see before you is separate from you. He or she is just a reflection of Creation, just like yourself. Others are a mirror to you, like you are to them, sharing similar hurts even if we have different minds. We are all One, and there’s always a reason why we encounter a particular person. There is always a teacher, a mentor, a student, a disciple, something to learn, something to teach, or some sort of interchange with whomever you encounter.

It’s not easy, I know, but it’s doable, and the more we practice, the better we get at it. The more we have the courage to look into our own hurt and heal our wounds, the more the door opens and lets the light in to caress us and fill us with love.

So, let’s put our guard down and embrace it all, all that we have inside. Open up all the love we have in the hope of a united existence and a realm filled with life and love…

Guldehan Aysan