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During Venus Retrogrades 

We take actions to get approval from others. We enjoy being seen, liked, and honored by others because of a relevant need, just as the Mighty Creator liked his work when he created the cosmos and everything in it. He wanted these things to be…


The Anatomy of Cancer 

Many celebrities celebrated their birthdays recently. We learn much from these Cancerians: the sea, motherhood, loyalty, money, and remembrance. Here is the sign of the stars… There’s a proverb about Cancer: “A Cancerian forgets, but she never forgets what she forgot.” The human memory is…


The Effects of Solar Activities 

Ancient civilizations believed the Earth, the Sun, and even the whole cosmos were alive. They believed everything had a spirit. The Sun was everything; it was the source of life, but it also had the power to take life away. Throughout history, many civilizations—such as…