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to mother earth

To Mother Earth 

Dear Mother Earth, First of all, please forgive me for not thinking of writing this letter to you before. I’ve been living on you for 42 years, and since I believe in reincarnation, I assume that I’ve lived here many times before as well. This…

power and control

Power and Control 

We humans are really interesting beings. As life continues, it brings new things along with it. For instance, look at how our mobility increases naturally throughout our early years, from infancy to childhood, from childhood to puberty, and from puberty to adulthood. We gain the…

blessings for all

Blessings for All 

Before birth, we sign contracts with the spirits who will affect our lives. After puberty, we can choose whether to renew these contracts or not. Some people say that rather than puberty, a later time, when we are at our furthest point from Earth, is…

is money an issue?

Is Money an Issue? 

Money is very important. It’s also nice to say, “Money is love. I am the money! I’m a money magnet!” Yet there’s a common belief that spiritual people should have nothing to do with money and luxury. Some people put this down to commitments from…

25 ways to happiness
Featured, Life

25 Ways to Happiness 

How can I be happy? This question is behind every human thought and action, marketing campaign, manufactured product, social structure, philosophy, theory, psychology, science and religion. In fact, everything that comes from us humans is an attempt to answer this particular question. Check out our…

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