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are we vulnerable?

Are We Vulnerable? 

Are you allowing yourself to be vulnerable? Can you be vulnerable? Can you accept vulnerability? Do you see it and stare it in the eye? Vulnerability is something we all have a hard time dealing with. We regard it as a weakness, so we tend…

energy of the cities

Energy of the Cities 

Throughout the ages, humankind has instinctively built cities on the most favorable sites, such as where there is easy access to water and good geographical conditions, as well as where ley lines pass through. Stonehenge in England, the great pyramids of Egypt, and Machu Picchu…

money and trust

Money and Trust 

All people have some kind of examination in their lives. We don’t experience any problems in some parts of life, but in others, we find ourselves in endless loops. These loops continue until we recognize and learn the necessary lesson. In my own life, the…

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