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choices and destiny

Choices and Destiny 

Sometimes we question destiny. Sometimes we grow angry with our own destinies, and those who prefer to take responsibility for their own lives start to question whether destiny exists or not. Is it possible that in reality, destiny represents the options we have whenever we…



In the movies you see some guys who’re bullied around by those who are luckier when it comes to money, looks, opportunities, etc. And invariably enough, whether we do good or bad in real life about these circumstances, we support the lower guys in these…

i don’t know

I Don’t Know 

Saying, “I don’t know” whenever I didn’t know the answer is so liberating. For me personally, one of the most beautiful things I gained from our trip to Egypt in last May was earning the freedom to say, “I don’t know.” Two lovely friends had…



There is something we know but cannot really understand. It’s submission. I don’t know why, but whenever I hear this word, the first thing that comes to mind is a movie I saw on TV as a child. Maybe it was a series—I’m not sure….

our pride

Our Pride 

What do we see when looking down on others with a cocky know-it-all attitude and taking pride in our substantial talents. Do we deem ourselves grand and belittle those who can never be at our level? But if being small is so bad, why do…

who is fooler?

Who is Fooler? 

While working at his shop, the butcher is taken aback by a dog coming through the door. He kicks the dog out, but the animal comes back. When it’s back for the second time, the man approaches the dog and sees it carries a note…

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