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“damn it, i don’t want that!”

“Damn it, I don’t want that!” 

Everyone has experienced many times in their life something that frustrates, upsets, annoys, angers and a host of other emotions around things they don’t want and/or people that upset them. What is the natural response? “Damn it, I don’t want that!” and push back against who…

the collapse of civilization

The Collapse of Civilization 

Fear also brought violence with it, and when that violence is sustained, people grow accustomed to it. Once people get used to violence, it does not hurt as much anymore, so people stop seeking a way to correct these unfavorable conditions. When people are so…

the code of money (part 2): i can give up what does not belong to me

The Colour of Money 

“There’s never enough”  “If only I had just a bit more”  “I’m not sure how I’m going to make it through until next pay day” These are just a few of the repeating phrases I hear from clients in one to one sessions and at…

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