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the order of the chakras

The Order of the Chakras 

I’ve lately come across several claims about opening the chakras, regulating this chakra, or balancing that one. There’s a significant order to the chakras, though, and sadly, people rarely consider it. It’s like cutting in line rather than waiting your turn. The chakras symbolize the…

womb of humanity

Womb of Humanity 

After the events of this morning, I thought to myself, “Why are things in the Middle East always so complicated? I then suddenly realized something: The Middle East is the womb of humanity, where civilization was born before spreading. The feminine energy of the planet…

inspirations – iii

Inspirations – III 

Thirst for Living It is the thirst for living that becomes bondage. Like the water becomes muddy after the storm, so does the consciousness becomes confused with so many desires. Keep it pure and detached, like water lilies are from the mud they grow from….

inspirations – 2

Inspirations – 2 

God Sun is God, because it gives life. The food is God, because it nourishes and the breath is God, too, because it keep us alive. Parents are God, because they have created you. Friends are God, because they stand by you and so are…

the meditation of life and death
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The Meditation of Life and Death 

In this day and age, people seek to increase their energy levels by taking nutritional supplements. They consult gurus or chase material wealth to increase their happiness. They look to social institutions and political parties to provide safety. Then, in order to survive death, they…

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