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seeing love in an act of murder

Seeing Love in an Act of Murder 

Q: The quote in your exquisite book, Living from the Heart, “But when we see the loving nature of even murder….” needs expansion for me. A: When I point to love as the true nature of even a murderous act, I’m not denying the horrible tragedy that…

sensing inside

Sensing Inside 

We often look into our mind to know something, and so when we want to know ourselves, we often look into the mind for that also. But the mind is full of thoughts about what we want to know and never the thing itself. You…

the irresistible blessing

The Irresistible Blessing 

Knowledgeable masters talk about the two types of siddha (the perfect human). Siddha refers to miraculous powers and perfect abilities. The notion of Saddhana Siddha is used by those who practice a number of disciplines to reach this perfection with its abilities and miracles. They…

inspirations – 1

Inspirations – 1 

Meditation on Purity The purpose of life is to be pure, not rich, famous or powerful. Purity is the force, the mirror of our immortal self. In fact, it is the very purpose of living and creation. Nothing beats it. It is eternal and it…

from guilt to responsibility

From Guilt to Responsibility 

The notion of responsibility only forms once you free yourself from feelings of guilt. When feelings of guilt are lodged within your personality, all your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors develop as defensive or offensive reactions. No matter the subject or experience, you would always have…

what is advaita or nonduality?

What Is Advaita or Nonduality? 

Advaita means nondual or ‘not two.’ This oneness is a fundamental quality of everything. Everything is a part of and made of one nondual conciousness. Often the question arises, “If it is all one thing, why don’t I experience it that way?” This is confusing oneness for the…

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