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spiritual detox

Spiritual Detox 

When your Life looks totally fucked up, investigate to see what you are worshipping (paying attention to). Are you paying attention to the story or the feelings, the moment? What feeling do you not want to feel? This will help you journey to the root…

should we feel bad?
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Should We Feel Bad? 

In daily life, our moods constantly change. We feel various reactions to the incidents that occur around us. Everything we see, hear and experience can create a myriad of feelings within us, and our behavior emerges as reactions influenced by these feelings. Although we can…

the legend of enlightenment

The Legend of Enlightenment 

Hi buds! Today, we’re going to talk about one of the most important terms in spirituality: enlightenment. It’s the place everyone wants to reach. Basically, enlightenment is when light penetrates into the dark, so the dark disappears and the light appears. In spirituality, there is…

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