Website published an exclusive interview with him during the conference on March 10, 2020. As I listened to his interview, I took some notes that I will now share with you, especially seeing as this is the planet’s most distinguished astrophysicist talking about aliens.

Here are some highlights from the interview. Please bear in mind that these are notes, and they may differ from his exact words, but hopefully they are good enough to convey his points.

“Now, it is the governments’ responsibility to prove aliens don’t exist, not the other way around.”

“We now know that there are more than a million planets in the universe similar to Earth, and it would be impertinent to claim that life exists only on Earth.”

“People are now more open to the idea of other civilizations.”

“We search for radio signals in outer space to decide whether they exist or not. Perhaps they don’t use radio signals, though. Perhaps we are outdated.”

“There are three types of advanced civilizations. Type 1 is planetary—they control the planet, the atmosphere, the seas, and volcanoes. Type 2 civilizations control their own stars and use them as sources of energy. Type 3 civilizations are galactic. If aliens visit Earth, then they must be from a Type 3 civilization. They can play around with black holes and move among galaxies.”

“Are aliens immortal? When we talk about immortality, we consider two types. First, there’s digital immortality. For example, everything about Einstein is captured in a digital platform, and this is digital immortal. The second is genetic immortality. Right now we are working on the longevity gene. Ageing happens as a result of some flaw in our DNA, because these genes are coded according to time. These days, we can repair these flaws through genetic engineering. We might even experience genetic immortality within this century.”

“Our world is a Type 0 civilization. We can neither manage nature nor the stars. We live by consuming fossil fuels. To become a Type 1 civilization is centuries away from us, but we made the first technological step towards it by accident: the internet. Sports, music, and culture spreads on a planetary scale gradually. We are transforming into a planetary structure.”

“Scientists laugh at UFOs. This is Type 1 civilization technology. However, a Type 3 civilization, a galactic structure, would be millions of years ahead of us. They might possess knowledge about dark matter and much more advanced technologies. We talk in thousands of years when we talk about space travel, but the same journey might take just a wink of an eye for them. That’s why I think Type 3 civilizations visit our planet.”

“There is this energy we call plank energy. This goes even beyond light speed and creates shortcuts. You can move faster than the speed of light with this.”

“Mars used to be a tropical planet way before Earth existed. Some say DNA first appeared on Mars. If you’re looking for Martians, well, we are them.”

“Why don’t we have solar and wind power generators everywhere? Because we didn’t have batteries to store the energy. Today, we are developing new super batteries, so we can have environmentally friendly energy sources. In the future, we will be able to use nuclear fusion with sea water as an energy source. And all of this will decrease global warming.”

“Can an asteroid come and hit the world? Yes, it’s possible, and right now, there’s nothing we could do about it. We are gambling with the skies. We are like little kids. In 2029, an asteroid named Apophis will pass by the Earth tangentially, but it will enter its orbit. We don’t know what it will do on its second pass. It may crash, or it may not. If it does, it might wipe out England, for example. Right now, we are vulnerable.”

We always live with our eyes on the ground. But there’s this huge universe right above our heads, and it has its cycles. We should turn our eyes to the sky once in a while.”

“We are beyond the threshold when it comes to UFOs. There are so many sightings, and scientists have discovered so many planets.”

“If there was a civilization that wanted to invade us, they would have done it already. That’s why I think they would be peaceful. Also, why would they want to conquer us? For the gold? That would be just a yellow mineral for them. For the water? There is plenty of water in outer space, so why come here?”

“In 2001: A Space Odyssey, a black thing was scanning the universe looking for intelligent living beings. There might be an object left over from another civilization on our Moon at the moment.”

“We are living in the best of times of human history. We are at the brink of understanding the universe.”

“Einstein committed his whole life to finding ‘the theory of everything.’ He searched for the God Equation. He tried to figure out what’s in God’s mind. Today, we more or less know that equation. God’s Mind is the cosmic music echoing in hyperspace.”

“Christianity says that in the beginning, God created the heavens and earth. God said ‘Let there be light’ and there was light. In Buddhism, there is Nirvana outside of space and time. Now we have multiple universes. Yes, our universe has a beginning. We are like bubbles, and there are an infinite number of bubbles other than us. And the bath these bubbles are in is hyperspace. Bubbles are created here constantly. And that -+is Nirvana.”

“We assume that we consist of the Earth and the Solar System, but there are so many other systems than ours, and so many visitors come to our system.”

You can watch the entire interview by signing in to (An exclusive interview with Michio Kaku – March 10, 2020)

Hasan Sonsuz