The other day, my son Dünya emptied all the coins from his piggy bank and spread them in front of his older sister. “Look! I have a whole heap of money!”
His sister Sonsuz replied, “Come on, Dünya. This is just chump change, even when you add it all up.”
Dünya objected by saying, “No way, Sonsuz! Look at it all!”
In a way, the kid is right, because he does have a whole heap of money. It’s not just about how many dimes, nickels and quarters he has: He’s embedding an idea into his subconscious DNA: “I have a whole heap of money!”
Our universe doesn’t care about how much money we have—it’s what’s in our minds that’s important. When a young kid plants this into his or her mind, it’ll surely attract a whole heap of money in future…
Well, does this apply just to Dünya? No, of course it doesn’t. It applies to us all…
Dünya’s words were a valuable lesson for me. I now keep repeating to myself, “I have a whole heap of money. Yeah!” At the same time, I don’t care about the exact amount. Just looking at my coins does the trick.
One of my friends recently gave me $18 in loose change because he didn’t have any bills on him. He then started to apologize for it. He seemed really sorry, so I told him, “Don’t worry, man. You gave me a whole heap of money. How cool is that?”
You were so very right, my bright Dünya. I learned a valuable lesson from you…
(By the way, their mother saw it too. She told Sonsuz, “It’s not the amount that’s important. The important thing is to believe you have lots of money. You shouldn’t interfere with his thinking, because in his mind, he does have a lot of money. Think of it like that.” Actually, my Sonsuz is a very generous Leo girl. What I’m learning from her is generosity, because I’m a Scorpio who loves sharing but doesn’t know generosity very well…)

Hasan Sonsuz