Dreams are journeys we take to the secret depths of our souls to increase our awareness and contribute to our self-improvement.

During these journeys, we sometimes have very special dreams where we make love freely or make very different choices. Just like other dreams, these dreams pass on very important messages about ourselves. As usual, what needs to be done is to attempt to understand it and carry its energy and wisdom to your life. We mostly don’t like to talk about these dreams because we fear being misunderstood. This fear is rooted in the long-standing but flawed belief that dreams are merely an expression of suppressed sexual desire, emotion, and thought. In our current age of change and growth, however, the taboos surrounding dreams are being challenged. Dreams are an important step in self-development, and they have started to find a place in life.

The ancient Greeks and Egyptians used sexuality in their temples to awaken the abundance of their gods. This was seen as the highest form of human expression. God and humanity would unite, and both would ultimately be nurtured. We, like the Senoi people of Malaysia, can awaken God’s abundance by creating erotic dreams where we “reach pleasure” (i.e., orgasm) and activate our highest potentials. Whether dreaming or for real, we can dedicate every sexual experience not just to sexual pleasure but also as an expression of the creative forces. According to Ebu Sait El Vaiz, dreaming about sexual intercourse indicates satisfying a desire and reaching happiness. According to Kirmani, meanwhile, if a person engages in sexual intercourse, his family and children will benefit from it. Next, Ibn-i Kesir claims that dreaming of sexual intercourse indicates good events and happiness. It is the belief of Cassandra Eason that if you are not currently in a sexual relationship, or your sex life is unsatisfactory, you can have dreams showing how this will change. Finally, according to Soozi Holbeche, lucid dreams stimulate sensitivity and sexuality, sometimes to the point of orgasm. Whether a dream is lucid or normal, sexual dreams can promote creativity and symbolize the union of our various parts.

So, how does this take place in guided dreams?

When you remember a dream like this, I suggest you listen to the silence of your body and soul by reflecting on it. The answer will come to you very soon. For the last time, check how you express yourself, your feelings, and your satisfaction with your sex life. If we can put it through this filter, we can identify the need that a dream is indicating and the source of the dream. This way, we can interpret the dream correctly and incorporate its energy into life. This is the best way to transform our chaos into opportunity, because chaos can trigger a quantum leap in our lives.

If you haven’t had sex for some time, or you’re unhappy in your current relationship, the desire for sexual gratification reflects on your dreams. In some dreams, you dream mostly of masturbating rather than making love. This results from not expressing yourself to your lover. It’s best to share it with your partner, maybe decorating it a little. Talk about what you want. Perhaps you want to be caressed more or engage in some erotic dance…

If you dream about making love with someone else, you will notice the qualities of that person. You will then develop those qualities in yourself.

If you dream of having sex with your friends, this union of the male–female energy inside you demonstrates that you will be more at peace with yourself and accept yourself for who you are.

If you dream of making love to your spouse, and if this is repeated often, it indicates an increasing harmony between you. If you feel ill at ease on waking up, it indicates that you cannot express yourself to your spouse in real life.

If a feeling of guilt dominates you on waking from a sexual dream, it means that you haven’t done the things you want to do in this life, that you carry a lot of weight, or that you have an alternate sexual preference. The best thing is to love and accept yourself for who you are.

Being sexually raped in a dream indicates that you leave the flow of your life to others and don’t attend to your own responsibilities.

Erotic dreams involving animals are signs of extreme greed, worry, or fear.

If you often dream about satisfying yourself, it’s an initial opportunity to do something that will add joy, happiness, and pleasure to your life. Such dreams express how you are overworking yourself. A few months ago, I had such a dream. When I thought about it, I realized how we hadn’t had a vacation for over two years. Now my wife and I work more systematically, and when we prepare our monthly and annual schedules, we first establish our vacation days. These dreams can also indicate that you have a strong ego and follow your shadows.

Following erotic dreams, our creativity increases. Improvements in our work and daily lives occur. Sometimes, the negative energy and unexpressed feelings and thoughts of the preceding day are neutralized in dreams.

Making love like a carefree teenager means a union with your inner child, the other half inside you. Children usually relate to unexpressed creativity in guided dreams. Look at what you want very much from life but have been putting off. When you change this situation, these dreams will end.

Sex in dreams generally indicates growth, expression, and creativity. On waking up, however, if you often feel unwell or ill at ease, a therapist can help. Just like in all other dreams, if you consider the interpretation points, you can transform these dreams into opportunity.