Having been part of humanity’s great mission for thousands of years, the esoteric tradition has acted as the architect of our civilization. After selecting its students and meticulously forcing them through a thorough educational program with challenging tests, it charged them with the mission of working for the improvement of humanity. The esoteric tradition wanted them to overcome the obstacles preventing humanity’s evolution. Because these obstacles originated from human frailties, students were first encouraged to rid themselves of their human frailties before starting their missions. Then, the goal was to realize the ideal civilization where humanity would live in peace, love, equality, and freedom. However, because no strict rules were given as to how to achieve these goals in esotericism, this utopia became more of a long-term goal that might be reached some day. Even if such a civilization were established, it would be very difficult to achieve equality and freedom for all because there would still be rulers in the world.
For thousands of years, darkness blocked the sight of humanity, walls prevented it from hearing, strict systems discouraged it from thinking, fanaticism kept it stagnant, and ignorance prevented it from learning. These were regarded as obstacles to overcome. It was wishful thinking by humanity when it believed it would be able to make its decisions freely once these obstacles were removed. Since then, humanity has continued to struggle against these obstacles. Although there were some setbacks, it managed to gradually approach the ultimate goal.
Searching for Knowledge and Wisdom… 
Another aim of esotericism is to rediscover the knowledge and wisdom that existed long ago. This knowledge and wisdom was lost because of people’s mistakes when they turned their heaven into a hell. This second aim of esotericism is entirely compatible with its first aim, but it causes issues because it is impossible to know what the next civilization will be like. There is also disagreement about how to reach the truth, the real truth, the ancient knowledge and wisdom.
At first, the students of esoteric schools were taught about conscience and righteousness. Next, some were taught about science, which was known by only a few then. After this education, some of these students were taught metaphysics. The aim of this three-level education system was to prevent students without conscience from reaching scientific knowledge. Similarly, it also prevented students without a scientific understanding from gaining metaphysical knowledge. In this, it limited knowledge, and the responsibility that comes with it, to educated people with a sound conscience. Although the schools claimed to serve humanity, this approach was overly elitist, yet its classification system was never reexamined, because it was commonly accepted that it was metaphysicians lacking in conscience and scientific understanding who turned their heaven into hell.
Up until the Middle Ages, this system continued in secret because of the prevalent religious organizations and oppressive regimes. Keeping secrets became a fundamental approach of esotericism. Knowledge was shared only with faithful followers who deserved it, because the continued existence of the schools was at stake.
Those who tried to share the esoteric doctrine with the masses were very ironically, and tragically, murdered or oppressed by the very masses they wished to enlighten. They were also beset by unworthy competitors who envied their knowledge and rulers who sought to manipulate the masses themselves.
Following the Middle Ages, the forces preventing scientific advancement diminished. Reformation and the renaissance created an environment  where scientific knowledge could be shared with the masses. It then became the main aim of esotericism to improve scientific knowledge and encourage its spread, because it had been preparing for this for centuries. It became enough for esoteric organizations to be equipped with only conscious and scientific knowledge, and metaphysical studies were neglected.Only a few small groups continued to study the ancient knowledge and wisdom, and their numbers and influence declined further as the focus was increasingly shifted toward science.
The period following the French Revolution proved esoteric ideas could be put into practice, enabling some social and political changes. The idea of living in equality and freedom looked achievable after the USA was formed with a new model of governance and political reform flourished in continental Europe. Unfortunately, the esoteric tradition became separated from its roots because of its political aspirations.
The ambition to restore our hell to a heaven resulted in a kind of esotericism only focused on intelligence and science. Metaphysics, the notion of the Divine Creator, and, most importantly, the techniques and methods that were practiced for the purification of humanity for thousands of years were neglected. Political goals and the manipulation of the masses toward these goals severely damaged esotericism. Moreover, these political goals turned it aside from its original path.
The Parting of Ways… 
In the late 1800s and early 1900s, many students, unpleased with this change, made great effort to preserve the metaphysical knowledge. However, instead of focusing on the common ground in their sources, they focused on the differences. As a result, they constantly fragmented and lived short lives. Some of those who could survive believed that reestablishing heaven was only possible with their own methods, but this manner of thinking went against the tolerance and humanity that generally existed in the roots of esotericism. Unfortunately, they replaced tolerance and humanity with ego and theorization.
Today, the esoteric tradition is divided into roughly four aspects, each with varying power and popularity. There are those oriented toward science and politics, metaphysicists that focus on the secret elements of religions, narrow-minded ritualists who defend their way as the only right way, and those who try to vitalize the old esoteric tradition. This division among the groups is so deep that they act almost like competitors.
Our time is definitely in need of esoteric knowledge. Unfortunately, the knowledge of modern ages establishes a new kind of esotericism that seems to include people without any conscience education, too little scientific knowledge, or even those who turned heaven into hell before. People are awarded academic degrees in a single day! And, because they have no sense of responsibility, they give in to metaphysics with an intuition-oriented approach containing many empty ideas. Of course, today’s intuition may turn into tomorrow’s knowledge, but anyone who focuses purely on their intuitions, without using the knowledge of the past, will always be incomplete. On the other hand, the knowledge of the modern age is becoming more desirable, because it offers people tangible results in metaphysics, which was abandoned long ago by the main branches of esotericism. Today a new sort of evolution is becoming widespread that resembles fast food and soap operas, and it contains no responsibility of knowledge and conscience. As a person who benefited from many of the doctrines in the modern age, I never underestimate them. Nevertheless, I must admit that I find them incomplete, although there are of course exceptions. These methods create aimless and unstable people who only pray for others in a passive way without taking any real responsibility.
These so-called esotericists are content with being chosen, only read the theory and memorize teachings, and, most importantly, do not have the slightest idea about the practical methods of esotericism, let alone applying them… These esoteric factions dismiss any methods different to their own and claim that they, or their teachers, possess the key to truth, although they know it has not been found yet. The manipulative esotericists, such as religious cults, turn esotericism upside down for the sake of their political aims and constantly impose their ideas on people through the dominant mass media. It’s time to return to the past.
If heaven will be built from hell, then its founders should be able to love every single person in that heaven equally, and this can only be achieved through purification…
At least, I hope so…

Ali Korkut Keskiner