Evil, demonic powers, freakish creatures, horrific movie scenes… These are all images produced in the mind.
It’s unlikely that you would ever actually encounter such things in nature. The collective consciousness of humanity is rich with all kinds of images, and there’s no such thing as “evil” in the universe. Everything is subject to its own natural cycles. Processes like death and destruction are just natural impulses to allow new things to emerge. It’s just our minds that label them with the concept of “evil” or “bad.” If you look up at the sky at night, all you will see is a huge number of stars and galaxies, all living through their own cycles. There’s even more that we cannot currently see, even with the best telescopes, but consider their possibilities as well. There’s an infinite amount of life in these cycles also. All those things continue to exist, and there’s nothing we can label as bad in this macro-order. Everything is there to maintain and support the idea of existence.
Our problem is that our minds are incredibly shortsighted. This shortsightedness drags us into presuming that we know things, but in reality, we know nothing for sure. To put it more precisely, our minds are filled with flawed beliefs and thought patterns, even though the nature of our existence is pure and perfect. I believe we’re on the threshold of transforming these beliefs and thought patterns.
If you refuse to put a dead organism back into the natural cycle of life, such as by burying or cremating it, it’ll surely decay and rot after a while. We tend to cling and hold onto the dead, just so we can watch them putrefy. The same applies to our old and ineffective patterns of thought, which are ready to pass onto the next stage in the cycle of life. Death and transformation are inevitable, and this is why there’s nothing to fear. Everything dies, everything transforms, and what remains is the reason for this cycle starting in the first place: consciousness and existence.
Why have I written this down? I just felt like it. Maybe it will answer someone’s question. Who knows?

M. Resat Guner