God, or masculine energy in other words, has become an obsession for us all. But this must stop, and the obsession must end.
Disillusioned men and women have hit the streets, with women advancing with just as much masculine energy as the men. There is no feminine energy any more, and any being that advances with just its masculinity loses its quintessence. We can’t move forward with this obsession with a masculine God. For as long as feminine energy is repressed, we are stuck with masculinity. The further we move from the source, the more we distance ourselves from love.
Feminine energy (Goddess energy) is existence itself, and it feeds masculinity. But because masculinity can’t see its feminine side, we have all become masculine and live in a masculine way. We are advancing as men and women from the perspective of masculinity only. In this mud of disillusionment, there is no femininity. Any person who loses his or her quintessence cannot possess feminine energy.
When we experience the need for love, it stems from a longing for femininity. Yet we are faced with masculinity everywhere, and we are also so masculine. The Goddess is repressed. If we are so far from the source, which love can we all unite in? In what context can we transform? If we are living our lives with this awareness, we are acting like reflections in the mirror. When we look at our mirror images, all we see are the different masks we wear. The most powerful tool we have to resolve this conundrum is the hidden awareness hidden deep in our DNA.

The Wisdom of DNA: A Teaching that Rejects the Accepted

DNA knows the full story of the masculine and feminine inside ourselves. It is like a hidden Internet inside us. Maybe using willpower alone will be enough to decipher its codes. Once decoded, we will find the story of masculinity and femininity there. But what is the essence of this story? Maybe we can act as intermediaries to a sort of remembrance.
Consider the situation below:
“Only admit a few of the guests. I don’t want the others here.”
“But Excellency, what you call ‘the others’ are here by your invitation.”
“So what? I am not letting them in.”
Let’s now change the background to this scene. Masculinity (God) has invited us into his palace, but then under some pretext, he decides to only let some inside and leave the others outside. The person who gets to make the unwelcome announcement is the house servant, who, according to our story, is God’s helper. Now, God is not helping him, yet we have that often-used saying, “May God help you.”
If we are all his guests, and if our own eyes confirm this, he can’t prevent us from entering his palace, because he is constrained by two factors.
He can’t close eyes he has already opened, because only he hears and sees from the eyes and ears he has opened.
All this, however, is the work of a masculine being. The feminine being never doubts her eyes. If she sends an invitation, she knows it comes from her inner being and is true. Once the eye of the mind is opened, even a masculine being lacks the power to close it. In other words, the masculine being has been held in check. He cannot even throw himself off his own property, because his property is boundless and infinite.
When we say all property belongs to God, it is not a worldly property but rather an awareness of the heart or being aware of the truth. Femininity, meanwhile, doesn’t have other property to ban itself from, because its only home is the heart.
As helpers, we have advanced as masculine beings for centuries. To us, masculine energy represents a ruling being that gives us no opportunities to choose. All our endeavors are at the mercy of, and with the assistance of, this energy. Only the masculine being is active. This moves us away from our inner self and distracts us from the journey of self-awareness. Instead of looking into our secret (the information hidden in our DNA) and choosing to remember, we have journeyed for centuries as unloved beings accompanied by an illusory energy. A being that cannot remember itself tries to camouflage its resulting desperation with dependent relationships, endeavors, and partners.
So, how can we make this journey more pleasurable? Is it possible to access our innate secret with the power to remember?  If we activate the feminine energy in our DNA, will it intervene? What is this feminine energy, the Goddess?
Let’s look at a different situation:
“We can only admit a few of the guests, Excellency.”
“But I invited all of them, so please let them all in.”
“We don’t have the space to fit them all in, Excellency.”
“Then remove some furniture and make space for my guests.”
This scenario is very explicit. The feminine energy, who is an excellent host, is caught up in the excitement of affectionately hosting her guests with mouthwatering refreshments. The feminine side has been activated. It has discarded all that is not of service and is aware of its own power. It has fed the inside rather than the outside.
Of course, the extraneous things are those belonging to the mind. The feminine energy is an energy without suspicion. It grows by experimenting with creative potential. It does not judge. It knows that love is something far in excess of the word love. It colludes with the compassionate and the merciful, and fear does not feed here. According to this energy, real love is the state of pure awareness, free from fear. When it says, “I love you,” it also remembers that it always loved you. It has balanced its masculinity.
Masculine energy, while surviving for centuries thanks to this support, has in fact buried its inner self. It has labored under the misconception that its inner self comes from its singularity, but it has been deprived of the most magnificent love embedded in its uniqueness.
Feminine energy doesn’t know anything about broken hearts. It just loves, loves, and loves without any of the obsession or jealousy games. Inferiority has never been a part of her wisdom, but because masculinity has never acknowledged the importance of femininity, these two emotions are extremely developed in her. This is why the heart aches and starts to atrophy.
Masculine and feminine energies both belong to us. When our masculinity is highly active, our femininity is obscured. Masculine energy is the mind, and it tries to sustain itself through fear. It plans, endeavors, and never stays in the flow of things. It doesn’t like itself, nor does it like its other “selves.”
Feminine energy is from the heart. It does not judge. Its affection allows us to become complete, integral beings. It does not struggle, nor does it plan. It just stays in the flow. It loves itself unconditionally, and it loves its other “selves” as well.

Now is the time to smile. In order for the strict-natured, solemn God to see itself through the eyes of the Goddess, he must first apologize for offending her.
I am sorry for my uncompromising words.
I am sorry for offending you.
I am sorry for all that’s happened.
I am sorry for my years of happiness.
Our love should have been without any shadows.
It should have been without suspicion.
I can’t forgive; that’s the way I am.
Of course, the Goddess forgives, because her only intention is to elevate masculinity by providing him with a home. The vibrations of such a union and its contribution to this home, as well as the world, is powerful and meant to remind humanity of its existence. Everything has been designed to make the world smell like honeysuckle.
God’s beautiful lover described it so elegantly in terms of fragrance:
I was made to love three things from your world:
Beautiful fragrances—Creative energy
Beautiful women—Feminine energy
Salaah, the divine light of my eyes— The integration of masculinity and femininity.
If we could combine these three into “one,” how glorious would it be for our hearts? Know that creation comes from the female, but only once masculinity and femininity are balanced. If all you can see is the Salaah, then prostrating yourself in prayer is only to yourself.
May the compassion and love of femininity and masculinity’s power of manifestation be upon you. Our destiny is to strive for perfection and rise to the heavens…

Esra Erdogan