Thirst for Living
It is the thirst for living that becomes bondage. Like the water becomes muddy after the storm, so does the consciousness becomes confused with so many desires.
Keep it pure and detached, like water lilies are from the mud they grow from.
For you belong to nothing and you owe nothing as yours.
The Way to Freedom
Tears will subside when the longing will bid farewell. For desires are the chain made of iron, yoked to the wall of senses.
No need to yearn.
Be free.
The purpose of the room is in its emptiness. It is the emptiness that makes it usable.
It is the emptiness in the stomach that ignites digestion. Overloaded stomach doesn’t digests.
It is in the emptiness in the mind that recollection of the memory can occur.
Therefore, keep yourself empty of everything and everywhere. Fill it only with the things necessary and only that much to keep the emptiness unspoilt.