Mother is God

Mothers are special for they are the womb of God: to worship and treat mother on pair with God is the right vision for God comes among us through countless other beings, delivered through their mothers.

To see her as God, it opens us to divine love and compassion.

Prosperity, peace and grace follow those who worship their mothers.
And they certainly allude those who mistreat them.


Liberation from Death

The purpose of life is death. Because it is so certain. Therefore it has a divine ordination: to settle accounts of life that was lived. Bad income has to decrease and a good income has to prevail.

There should be no debt left at the time of death, only profit.

But for a yogi that isn’t good accountancy anyhow. The account of a yogi at the time of death has to be Zero: No good, no bad – free from all the profits and losses.

That is called being liberated from death.