A master who walks the path of truth knows that he does not actually teach anything but merely reminds his students about what is already there.
How lucky and loved I am to have had so many beautiful reminders. Some I read in books, and others I encountered face to face, hand in hand. Here in your presence, I would like to bow and pay my respects. I thank all the reminders that took part in my life throughout the history of humanity.
The most important concept in this world is fidelity. Fidelity is so great and deep, and I’m getting reacquainted with this concept rather recently. All these years, I’ve missed out on it. I actually overlooked the two great masters in my life who remind me of fidelity: my mom and dad.
If I am here, it’s through their fidelity. It is because they honored, word for word, the contract we signed before taking up our physical forms on this planet. They set a great example for me by honoring every word they gave, by fulfilling every compact they signed, and by never missing a deadline. They also still keep in touch with many of my teachers, friends, and relatives, whom I don’t get to inquire after. They deliver regards from them. I now understand the value of this and many other of their contributions. I’m very grateful they exist.
And naturally, I thank once more all those who reminded me of their fidelity.
I hope I can be a true and faithful friend to all you and be worthy of your endeavors. I hope to be as true and faithful as you are, just as you all are to me…