I examine the situation carefully whenever someone tries to draw me into a fight about something.
I silently say thanks for existence, ease of mind, love, peace, and freedom and then back away.
I don’t need to expend my energy on something that’s already mine. Those who claim otherwise have lost their self-worth to others, whether they realize it or not.
Don’t be afraid. Saying, “I see and acknowledge what’s there, and I submit to the change. I honor the energies of change whenever they flow through and out of my body,” is more than enough.
The closer you are to the mirror, the closer your reflection is to you. If you distance yourself from the mirror, your reflection distances itself from you. When you chose to live only with love, your reflection is left alone with the fear. To avoid creating a polar opposite, you need to make room for both love and fear and honor them both…
How many decisions have you made today that will hinder your future? Would you want to be free of these decisions? If so, why do you keep them in your life? Why do you cling to these decisions? How many excuses do you have for keeping them? What would your life be like if you finally gave them up? Do they actually belong to you? Could the memories you inherited from your ancestors be responsible for them? If they are indeed responsible, do you think giving them up would be a form of betrayal? Is that why you refuse to let them go?
So, why do you believe this? What if it’s nothing but a delusion you created for yourself?
Are you able to assume responsibility for the results of your decisions if they turn out to be something you despise?
I want our genetic structures to be in resonance with our real missions at all levels of existence, all layers of time, all galaxies, and all universes. The appropriate amount of information, interest, and love integrates into our lives with ease and brings joy, peace, honor, virtue, and glory. This is so.

Zeynep Sevil Güven