The unknown is what deep down drives us to continue exploring our potential. Our hearts yearn for new possibilities and experiences. The problem of our modern world now is that living has become quite easy and comfortable for many of us.
We live in a world where we work hard for a comfortable and secure life, what we don’t realize is that we are searching for a beautiful imprisonment. Security can only be found in the known and comfortable. The problem with the known is that after a while it becomes monotonous, then sometimes miserable.
The thing we have to understand is that life is not secure, life is dynamic not mechanical. We must be students of life, we must seek understanding, not knowledge. Gaining more knowledge just makes us more certain and comfortable.
To venture off into the unknown is to jump into freedom. We often say that we want to be free, but freedom creates fear. We are afraid of the reality we know would make us feel truly alive and integrated with life. Freedom and the unknown make us afraid because there is danger in insecurity. The danger lies in that we feel we are going to lose ourselves, and lose everything we have ever known. We are right, but the only thing we are losing is our false sense of self (ego).
We will need courage to go into the unknown. In the beginning all our fears will come to the surface, the only way to move ahead and accept our fears is through courage. To be a courageous person we will need to leave our analytical mind and live with our heart.
I have always loved to travel, and when I was at university, I decided I wanted to live in Los Angeles. My parents and friends although supportive made it clear that I was a little crazy in moving across the pond all on my own. My mind would entertain their opinions and than many doubts would rise up within me. These doubts were also called fears.
These fears where now in my mind but I managed to rise up to the surface and listened to my heart. Deep down I knew that this was what I wanted and needed to do at the time. Listening to our heart will start to move us in the right direction, by being in tune with it. There is no such thing as right or wrong… there is such a thing as a choice.
So I listened to my heart, jumped on a plane with two big bags and flew away.
You have the choice to leap, jump or fly. Which ever stage you’re in, embrace it, recognize it and remember that where you are right now is somewhere you wished you had only been.