When coming across spiritual knowledge for the very first time, almost everyone experiences a unique feelings in some way. This is the first breaking point. Why? It messes everything up. In fact, it makes us question who we are and who we should be. We feel trapped in a way because we are forced to question our biases and everything we believe. There are familiar elements about the basic study of spiritualism or metaphysical phenomena that when people explore and investigate, they begin to understand in similar ways as others who have embarked on the same journey.

Many times, saturating ourselves with information in these spiritual-oriented books may cause misunderstandings or we experience the opposite of what the book actually intended. Especially if the implied points are full of unknowns, like our identity in the world and the universe. Man’s quest to know himself and answer the age-old question—what am I seeking in this world—compells the development of systems and civilizations according to the subjective responses. “Who Am I” lies beneath this fundamental philosophy of life. A satisfactory answer is never obtained, but progress is made by the continuous work on this dilemma. Unfortunately, a deficiency of good answers results in a state of incompletion in the mutual genes of man. Now, let’s look further.

Let’s come to the present world. Today’s man is so absorbed in and adapted himself to the dense rush of living that most of the time it doesn’t occur to him to raise his head and ask “what am i doing, where am I heading.” When it finally occurs to a person that they’re getting a warning to raise their head (!) and take notice, many times they continue doing whatever they were engaged in or, get afraid by the emptiness of having no answers with which to soothe their soul. At this point, let’s focus on the emptiness created by the daily course of life. Many large and small factors in the emptiness of life forms a rough black hole in our pocket, but worse is the black hole in our soul. At times, isn’t the state of our soul like a man wandering hungry in a desert for days on end?

Actually, the situation is not that hopeless. There are people who know very well where they are and what they are doing during this flow of life because they raised their heads previously and answered “I am living my life.” These people leave themselves to this flow and have no concern. Also, some raise their heads and although scared, they show the courage to search for the answer to “who am I.” At this very moment, suddenly, answers begin to arrive because the universe is expanding constantly and accommodates all the answers given previously by the common consciousness of man. And, since people receive answers most fitting to them, choices also appear suitable for them. In the end, a person finds the most favorable answers for them personally which begins to fill the emptiness inside with them.

At Meal Time

There are numerous universal answers that include different opinions and points of view. I can’t mention all of them here naturally, but when looked into their essentials, some answers are very clear and close-ended (e.g., you are the son of your mother…); whereas, some are open-ended and may go in any direction. The danger of spiritual knowledge shows itself right at this point. Answers are very open-ended and available to go wherever you want them to go. Yet, when a person is full of such positivity, and at the same time surrounded by much negativity, they can nearly lose their balance.

When someone encounters “you are special” messages, this may turn them into a snob about their own awareness, while not being accepted by others also on their spiritual path. Unfortunately, almost everyone coming across spiritual knowledge for the first time, experience this. Our state of being resembles someone left hungry and thirsty in a desert for days and falling upon a feast. We instantly attack and begin to eat. It’s impossible to hear warnings about eating slowly or not choking because our perception threshold is at an unperceiving level. Furthermore, when seeing the (spiritual) material abundant, we immediately want others to eat, and we try to make passersby sit at the table with us. But, people look at us askance. Meanwhile, all the passersby think that being at the table is special and that they’re special too because they were invited. Fortunately, since the table is out in the open and there are many passersby, some will perceive it. Unfortunately for the masses, it doesn’t draw their attention or maybe they’re just not hungry yet.

As we end our first attack on the feast, we retreat to our corners and wait for moments of pain and pleasure. We smile happily and talk about how tasty the meal was, how proud we were to be at this table and our feelings. Then in our excitement, we invite passersby almost by force to join us again; yet, at that moment with the happiness of being full, we don’t know if they intend to eat or only sit with us. Moreover, we try to make them sit at the table by tugging at them, but they do not react and we look confused at their reactions. Meanwhile, people sit around the table and their smiles glow with meaning.

After Supper Meal

At this point two feelings wash over us. The first is a person’s need for approval. We are creatures ruled by the approval of others, and we do not seem as happy with our own self-approval. We expect to be approved by the very people we describe this spiritual knowledge to and wait for them to understand it. For the reasons explained above, when approvals do not come, we feel offended and withdraw, or again we search out the ones like us. We retreat to our corners even when we don’t appear to do so. Then we converse with ones like us making an effort to satisfy all of our disapproved feelings.

In this article I do not talk about spiritually-based groups getting along well together, but of course, balanced groups do exist dealing with these matters. On the other hand, many groups have an atmosphere in which conversations abound talking about how “others” can’t understand: “you can try to explain to them as much as you want, they don’t get it” or “their vibrations, consciousness is not in tune enough for that.” In my opinion, offense is the most intense emotion in these environments resulting from the feeling of exclusion from society brought by disapproval. This offense turns the balance of the person upside-down and drives them to different psychological attitudes. These appear in ways where the person see themselves superior to the society and think others can’t understand, I am special, or consider themselves sick and fear of cracking up. This second group generally avoids everything or visits a psychologist or hide themselves away (subject of another article). The first group, however, walks around proudly and declares “yes, we are special.”

Let’s Talk About 2012

So, what does this previous explanation has to do with the year 2012? In 1995, when I first met with spiritual knowledge, there was talk about a “harvest” in that period. According to the past knowledge about this age of 2012, it is believed that there would be a great harvest, and those whose level of consciousness wasn’t suitable for the changes of the time would be plucked out, meaning nine of every ten people would pass away. (We don’t know exactly what that means, if it actually means die.) Many people, including me, believed we would be saved from the harvest by increasing our consciousness through reading spiritual books and communing with like minds.

I like to particularly use the term “being saved” because it’s a process of being set aside for a time and then brought back to the world again, so we can establish the new world order. All consciously-evolved humans would be brought back because they would have the knowledge and mindset for a progressive conscious collectiveness. Then, something changed when some channeled messages began to be shared saying man should not hope for any savior because we won’t come until you put the world in order. Then we saw no harvest or any other thing in sight. Of course, we are now experiencing a lot of changes in the world, and lots of events have happened in general and will continue to happen; yet, no such events require people to retreat to the mountains and form new colonies.

After some time when this wind had passed, the year 2012 began to fill the emptiness of harvest, but the approach was different this time. As disastrous as the harvest was, the date 2012 was that much more promising a bed of roses. Man would wake up some morning to find all the consciousness opened and enlightened all at once; the world would be taking steps towards heaven. Then from time to time, some intermediate dates like 2004, 2008, etc., began to be given. After some time again, serious studies commenced and were illuminated in the media about this very date. In these studies it was mentioned that everything wouldn’t be a bed of roses, and on the contrary, full of thorns as well.

One way or another, we have a 2012 date in our hands (author’s opinion: I have no criticism regarding the belief that this date is special, but I do believe 2012 will be a distinctive year and we will also live through many changes. Anyway it would be a mistake not to see that those changes have begun already). Various groups expect some kind of harvest present with this date, in fact, more widespread this time. Spiritual knowledge is more popular and well-known now; consequently, a serious increase in the number of people feeling “special and select” means many more burdens. Although spreading of spiritual knowledge to this extent has positive aspects, the negative sides present in this article aim to emphasize this negativity to benefit the reader.

Even my friends who know the chakras, see auras, make astral journeys, see vivid illuminated beings in dreams, and deal closely with spiritual knowledge, do not make anyone “super-conscious” or “special” or “selected”! Nevertheless, there is being ‘ONE’ to become a united whole in the essence of spiritual knowledge. There is no purpose to create any elitism. Indeed, the amount of your reading doesn’t determine your level of spiritual consciousness; it is your ability to transfer that knowledge into your life and experience it; it is about whether you live according to humane merits, how much you reflect your real self. It is about whether you made your mind and heart as one and create your own existence.

You may say words like “I am light” as much as you want, but your light is only as much as you can reflect from your soul to the one across you. The Koran refers to this situation as “He knows what is in your heart.” The universe doesn’t heed what you say; it looks into your heart and flows accordingly. Due to this sensing of sorts, no matter how much you struggle, whatever is in your heart will find you eventually.

Spewing Out What You Eat

At this point, I want to mention another important feeling after the meal we discussed earlier: spewing out what you eat. Being hungry for a very long time and overeating afterwards will forcefully upset a person’s stomach. At that moment the person experiences a big shock because all the things he thought he had possessed were all over the floor. All the meals he was proud of and had boasted were in the form of something nauseating now. All the delicious flavors he had ingested violently escaped leaving a bad taste in his mouth.

We can compare this situation to those trying to share what they had read with other people with a “copy/paste” method. These people badger others with enthusiasm and try to explain to them. Different from the things I had explained in the above paragraphs, this time another factor interferes to cause failure: They ate so quickly and with such a ravenous appetite that they didn’t understand what they were eating and didn’t have a clue about its taste. Yes, they feel a little something, but don’t realize the taste of what had been eaten; they think only with that enthusiasm and continue the telling. But in the end, failure is apparent in the explanation of what he doesn’t know. These failings will upset them more. Thereafter, disappointment rears its head when they get shocked at how their body and mind responds. This curveball is actually a “welcome trap” where most return back to the basics or breaks off. This is a big opportunity for a transition to a new phase as well.

Now Eat Again, But More Calmly!

We all attacked that table with the inexperience of eating for the first time and stuffed our stomach with whatever we saw. Then we encountered the situations we summarized above. After we vomited all we had eaten, we slowly started to understand why the people sitting around the table watched our eating with a smile on their faces. After we overcame the shock of vomiting, someone sitting nearby called out to us:

Pull yourself together and then eat again. As you see, the things on the table never run out and never will. But the best way is to eat slowly and to digest. I know you don’t want to eat right now, but after eating and digesting and when you feel ready, you will feel that you are full. At that time come and sit near us and let’s have a chat together and approve life and ourselves.

Altogether, we will see what happens in 2012, but I personally believe a new world order will arise at some date or other. This new world order will be one created by man’s reforming his mind and heart as one, and in which love, science, wisdom, spirituality goodness, and global peace will be enjoyed. However, it is out of the question for us to wait for the help of someone from the skies for this to come true. We all have duties falling upon us—seek inner calmness, peace and happiness. When people take place around that “table” and feel “full,” this change will take place much more. All we need is to learn to eat calmly and enjoy fully, knowing what we require. To realize this lesson, we have a wonderful resource—our intelligence!

Hasan Sonsuz