Spiritual evolution simply comprises the rise of emotional and intellectual vibrations generated by the beings who live on, and share, the world.
Any kind of thought that supports reaching the conscience of oneness and wholeness gives a Hertz boost to the synergy of the world. Of course, synergy includes contrasts and contradictions in its scope, so it takes a long time for one person’s personal evolution, or even a group’s, to make changes in this synergy.
In fact, the following is rather difficult to explain. The rise in emotional and intellectual vibrations indicates that there is actually a change at the level of conscious. When we change with respect to this level of conscious, the vibrational frequency of the area where the whole world takes place also rises in its hertz value. Even when we consider our individual evolution, it creates a tiny change at the micron level. If we look at the emerging and development processes of concepts, we can understand how effective those tiny, micron-level developments can be.
I don’t know if anybody has ever identified real measurements, but the following uses made-up numbers to serve as an example.
Let’s say that in 1999, the general synergistic area of the world was at a frequency of 99 hertz. At the same time, Turkey as a country had a vibration level with its own 89 hertz frequency. What happens in such cases? Turkey benefits from its 89-hertz frequency and all vibrations below it, and it is drawn up toward the higher vibration it has been affected by.
We can take this further. For example, Turkey easily enters into relationships with nations below its own level of conscious. Meanwhile, despite its best efforts to reach a relationship with nations with higher vibrations, such as those that have internalized democracy, and rise to the surface, it has to slow down because of resistance from people with vibrations lower than 89 hertz, even though they live in Turkey. For example, it’s not the faithful but rather the dogmatic segments that are responsible, whether they realize it or not. Systemically, it is time for new balance with a will to take the lead. In their speeches, people talk about advanced democracy, unity (which is oneness), and so on to gather the people whose vibrations (let’s say at 99 hertz) have exceeded the national frequency.
By repeatedly saying these things, even though they have not taken action yet, they reach the minds of people in high synergy areas as well and impose their own vibrations on these ascendants. It could be thought of like the Earth’s magnetic field, although this is not ill-intentioned. As a natural effect of the polarity of our world, the synergy in a vibrational area consists of both positive and negative energies. In other words, with each increase in hertz, humanity enters an area made from both a positive conscience state and the opposite side of that positive conscience, so it attunes to this new area gradually. On one side, a group of people promotes something new because of the aforementioned effects, while another group resonates with negative powers and generally opposes new things.
For thousands of years, we have learned to travel straight toward fear, creating problems and being happy with any solutions we find. It is easy to frighten people, but why? There is no strict necessity for humanity to be in a state of fear. A crime committed by someone defending themselves and one committed by someone who just thinks they’re doing something appropriate are not the same thing. A frightened man defends himself to save his life, while the other one is committing an offense knowingly and willfully to add something he wants to his life. Therefore, regardless of the vibrational level, all kinds of discourses frighten people from mustering up the support to rapidly spread their lofty aims. Without support, these aims are easy to ignore and never put into practice.
The people of the world either cannot yet understand, or cannot accept, these contradictions that amplify each other. Therefore, when social awareness increases at the hands of people striving for a better future (with a higher frequency vibration), it is not really understood by the consciences of the people on the other side who prefer to stay on the current track. The responsibility, however, also belongs to the same people who want to follow their conscience. Consequently, no “good side” can be observed. Even when it is assumed that problems are coming, searching the available developments at that level of conscience, usually involuntarily, creates problems at that level of conscience. Solutions are then generated for that problem, and then we celebrate by saying, “Yes, here is the creative intelligence.”
Our fundamental problem is related to “being,” so we usually live in that area. On one hand, spirituality is a rising trend that invites humanity to become one, while on the other hand, concepts of religion and nationalism easily trigger a separatist mentality that can stir up trouble. Putting aside the people who insist that only their “real” religion should be practiced,” there are others taken with “religion and justice” discourses. They worry about God’s wrath, so they cannot take responsibility for their lives out of a fear of “committing sin,” so they become bigoted and withdrawn. Comprehensibly accepting religions all over the world—without drawing any distinctions between Christians, Jews, Muslims, and so on—also rapidly leads to more people becoming increasingly dogmatic about their religion and faith.
All these things are happening, in my opinion, because of an intrinsic will to face and settle the karmic debts. Each nation therefore experiences the same circumstance in different forms according to its karmic debts from the past. In Germany, there are the neo-Nazis. In France and Italy, there are people who came from these countries’ old colonies. In Greece, politicians found themselves in in the Eurozone and went wild in an economic and democratic sense. In Israel, there are the Palestinians. In Russia, the Bolshevik revolution finally came to an end in the 90s, and a separation of the USSR followed. People who had forgotten to walk their own way could not find the path to the present. In all countries with largely Muslim populations, there with those with the denomination differences that started after the death of Mohammed. In the USA, Europeans caused an unprecedented slaughter of the native population, yet did not settle permanently. In brief, these chaotic contradictions are being experienced everywhere, yet the evolution is proceeding at full speed.
While people separate between the two major poles, the people who split into small groups within the same pole will come together and reunite. This means whites marrying someone of a different color, Sunnis choosing an Alawite partner, Catholics considering it normal to marry a protestant, and people who run counter to each other generally being willing to melt in the same pot.
So, what should we do now? Should we evade responsibility and dissociate more? Or should we wish for a group that’s polarized in dissociation to come together at a new and higher vibration? In my opinion, for oneness, we need to be more enthusiastic. To whichever frequency we will rise to, to become attuned to that hertz value easily and effortlessly, we should endeavor to raise ourselves and our vibrations. We should be attentive about contributing to a synergy with high frequency emotions and thoughts.
If you agree with me, you may want to start saying:
A 100 % YES to separating from the rising vibrational level of the world. I am allowed to be part of this separation, but I am choosing to live in the oneness and wholeness created by this area of rising synergy.”

Zeynep Sevil Güven