So goes the story: Someone asked God to show him the way to how his wishes may come true. God responded: “Think of a post box; write your wish on a white piece of paper and drop it in the post box you have imagined. That paper will reach me, and I will help you make your wish come true. Never think “how”! Leave that to me.”
Hence is the well-known “secret.” Whatever you wish for, write it down on an imaginary white paper and forward it to the universe. But do not concern yourself with the “how.” Let the universe handle it in its most appropriate way. Although I have tried to explain this to so many people for so many years, no one other than me paid heed.
In our minds we are so concerned with the “how” that we prevent our wish from coming true. In a way our fixation on the “how” is a block. Think of the Photoshop icon on your PC. When you click once on its icon, the program opens momentarily; however, if you keep on clicking it, the program tries to open more than once and gets blocked and won’t work till reset.
What do you do when you go to a restaurant and order your food? You wait, talk to your friends, play with the salt and pepper set or read the paper. You certainly do not say “We have ordered, yet what if it won’t come? What if we are left hungry? The best I can do is to go and talk to that head waiter! Let me ask that thin waiter over there!” What would happen if you behaved so? Let me tell you: You would find yourself outside the restaurant door, although done so in a gentlemanly manner.
So when we are too concerned with the “how,” this is how the universe operates as well. With our anxieties and worries, we try to manipulate circumstances and end up ruining it all. What’s more, we don’t learn from their mistakes and pursue the fixation of the “how.” Although in the universal system which has existed for infinity, we are smaller than a micron, we think we know how it should work out. We think we know better than that great universe, so we try to teach it. However, there is a system right in front of us. A system of “your wish is my command” despite the fact that we disbelieve this owing to our lack of confidence.
Whatever you wish for is granted to you. In fact, everything you wish for comes true, yet only when the right time comes!
Here lies the answer to “why don’t my wishes come true? Why won’t they happen?” When you order at a restaurant, every dish has a certain cooking time, and so you wait accordingly. I remember ordering my first soufflé. The waiter had told me it would be ready in 45 minutes. Hence I did not disturb the waiter after 15 minutes asking where my soufflé was. This holds true for our wishes as well. Everything has a cooking time. And when that time is over and your dish is served, great tastes await you. But please don’t meddle with the cook. Only give your order, and then do not wait, continue with your life. Eventually it will be served.
Wishing you Bon Appétit! Or, Afiyet Olsun in Turkish.