This time I’d like to try analyzing a topic that I call, “The Soul, the Internet, and the Soul of the Internet.”The first question that arises is: Does the Internet even have a soul?

According to ancient wise people, everything that exists has a soul, so I’m convinced the Internet has a soul just like any other entity. If it did not, it could not exist and survive.

What is a Soul?

The soul is the power and energy that ensures survival. Each soul contains special and unique information about the being the soul belongs to. This information cannot be written down on paper, and there is no way to fully understand a soul’s features, nor is it possible to accumulate or store its power.

Soul power vibrates through time and space. It is eternal, and most of the time she has a geometric shape. She has an aroma, a texture, and even mass, but she cannot be perceived through the normal five senses unless a person has psychic abilities. We average people can feel and sense her existence, but this is only possible when she interacts with an entity.

Before its creation, a soul is just a piece of energy, a part of the subliminal mind’s field. This field, which includes every raw soul, is always “there,” even if we don’t know where “there” is exactly. It is nowhere and therefore it is everywhere. Being nowhere and everywhere enables this field to be accessible from anywhere at any moment. The Internet also has these qualities.

When people create something in their minds, a piece of the subliminal mind’s field comes and joins with this creation, which we then call the “soul.” Therefore, the soul is nowhere, but after being created by someone’s mind, it is always present.

When something is created (either purposely or accidentally), it receives a soul. This soul is infinite, and no one can destroy her, but anything can positively or negatively influence her vibration. She (the soul) can grow or shrink because of effects from other beings. She is always connected to the common subconscious and contains a part that can reach any information about any entity, whether it is animate or inanimate. She does this by pulling the information from an area of higher common knowledge: The subliminal mind’s field.

The Soul of the Internet

This mechanism reminds us of how the Internet survives. When people decide to share information on the Internet, they create a site and upload their data to it. Even if the original computer is destroyed, the uploaded data will continue surviving. When someone adds information to the Internet, it will be nowhere and everywhere at the same time once it is on an online server. Everyone will always have the possibility of viewing it on their screen. It is almost impossible to erase this data, especially if it is duplicated by other people.

As I mentioned above: The Internet is nowhere, but at the same time, it is omnipresent. We could claim the Internet does not have a soul, but rather that it is a soul itself! Would this be true? I think not. This cannot be true because a soul cannot be spirited away, whereas the Internet can. As the Internet has become a substantial part of our daily lives, it would be very difficult to destroy it, but it would be possible. Anyhow, bar a few nuances, I can feasibly claim the Internet has many similarities to a soul.

To reach any subject matter on the Internet, we need only type some words on the keyboard and look at the screen. In a matter of seconds, information from all over the world is conveniently displayed in front of us. Surprisingly, the Internet seems to know everything about everything that exists in our world, and it even includes information about the rest of the universe. It seems like a small sample of the soul that is connected to everything else, even other galaxies.

…And CERN Created the Internet!

I am convinced the people at CERN were inspired by higher forces when creating the Internet. Those higher forces probably had the supreme intention of teaching us a way to understand the real meaning of being connected to each other. What do I mean by this?

If we are connected to the network and really want to obtain some information, we simply type a few words into a search bar. In seconds we are there. We can spend as much time as we like there before cutting the connection. At that moment, we know we can usually go back to the same page any time we want to. We do this in our everyday lives all the time, unless technical issues disrupt our access.

Likewise, when a soul needs some data about anyone or anything, she simply opens herself to the subliminal mind’s field and pulls the data from there. There is a distinct difference between the Internet and the soul: An Internet connection can be interrupted by physical forces, but the soul’s connection cannot. Only the mind of the soul’s owner can prevent this connection by consciously or unconsciously refusing it. While we might like to think and believe our soul would simply connect to the field if she needed information, this is not always how it works. Our mind resists new things, so it creates a kind of vibrating barrier in order to stop our soul from connecting to the main data field.

I believe the higher forces planned to show us how oneness can work. Therefore, they inspired the scientists at CERN to create the Internet and raise the level of oneness on our planet. I doubt the people at CERN were really aware of what they had invented at first, and I think this is how the higher forces are behaving. They create an idea in people’s minds and then empower its energy until it reaches a level that provides its independent, eternal existence. Finally, they send this information to the collective common minds’ field. An open-minded person then receives this data and calls it a discovery or invention.

CERN’s people were simply looking for an easier way to communicate among themselves, and one of them “discovered” the Internet. I’m sure he did not initially realize how big his discovery would be. According to scientists, this type of discovery serves higher purposes better than the planned ones. Most of the time, they come across these inventions by chance, a phenomenon they call “Coincidence.”

Coincidences in Spirituality

Unlike men of science, spiritual people do not believe in coincidences. They are convinced everything happens for a reason and every new discovery serves a higher purpose. I am one of these spiritual people.

In my opinion, the Internet is really a scale model of the subliminal part of our minds: The soul, our connection to everything that exists.

Our soul has the ability to reach any information that will enable us to create, learn, research, discover, produce, and understand everything we need by accessing the collective subconscious field. Our soul is affected by the energies of other beings she encounters on the way and vice versa. A soul grows when she meets high-frequency vibrating energy and shrinks when she meets low-frequency vibrating energy. She never excludes any being or vibration, but instead attunes herself to every one of them.

The Internet, exactly like the soul when unhindered by the mind, accepts any data that is sent and does not distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong, nice and ugly, real or artificial—it simply lives in acceptance. If somebody wants to add any information to the Internet, all he has to do is send the data to a website. Social media like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and personal sites always openly accept everything.

Because it’s so easy to send information to the Internet, we might believe that erasing it would be equally easy, but it’s not always so simple. If people like your data, they can copy it or resend it to other sites. Even if you delete the original data, this does not necessarily annihilate it from the Internet. This is precisely what happens in the soul’s field.

Our soul has an enormous capacity to retain data. Nothing recorded in this field can disappear, because it will always exist as an imprint in the memory part of the field. The vibration of a particular soul is unique and changeable at the same time. It is changing every single moment, because every new record influences the frequency and amplitude of her vibration. Good news, love, happiness, joy, peace, and harmonic music all raise the frequency and amplitude, and the soul’s field extends. Bad news, fear, hatred, sadness, grief, struggle, and somber music lower the frequency and amplitude, and the soul’s field shrinks.

The Internet, as a human-created replica of our soul’s field, has the same enormous potential to grow. The difference between the soul’s and the Internet’s field is that all data enlarges the Internet’s field. Its field can only be shrunk by removing data from its storage area. As I mentioned before, you can never remove data from the soul, you can only transform it into the light by sending love into it.

The Effect of the Internet

So, how does the Internet affect our lives? Actually, it influences our lives both with and without our free will. First, we join the Internet out of free will. Then we visit some websites/pages, also out of free will. If we encounter some information that arouses our curiosity (not free will), we can decide whether to follow it or not using our free will again. Our “surfing” begins and continues depending on our level of curiosity (free will).

Among all these websites and pages, we try to learn and understand new data before we store it in our memory field. Much of the data is useless, and after a short time it will become dormant in the field. Our minds will find other data to be novel and keep it in a special area where it can be digested. This area is always active, and it drives us to the parts that will enable our mind to complete the acquisition process. Our mind’s field extends, and we feel more curious about other subjects. We feel almost obliged to acquire more new data or add depth to what we already know. On the Internet, we can find many things both good and bad. Activities on the Internet—such as watching movies, listening to music, chatting, gambling, having cybersex, and shopping—can be addictive and may be abused by many. This is a side effect of the potential that comes with the Internet. Isn’t it the same in life, though?

Distinguishing and deciding what is beneficial or harmful is the job of our minds, not the Internet. The Internet is like our soul—it accepts, supports, and offers everything. Whether we take it or leave it is up to our free will.

My perception about the effects of the Internet on our daily lives is really positive. I truly believe this enormous network teaches us about our soul’s way of being. Acceptance brings extensions into our existence. Support elevates our self-confidence and self-esteem. Finally, all the Internet’s other offers enter our lives to show our connection to our self-worth.

My Honest Mirror

The Internet is nowhere and everywhere; it is open to all of us. It could be compared to air: You can breathe deeply and be well-nourished or breathe shallowly and lack oxygen. It is like an immense shopping center with many opportunities from all over the world. It helps us save time, money, and other resources. It acts as a meeting area and provides chances to meet new and helpful people…

We pick from these offers and opportunities all that we desire. The Internet is a small sample of our souls, a part that connects us to all that is.

We can connect perfectly to our souls, give them orders to bring us anything we need, and get what we want effortlessly. On the other hand, we can stop our deep connection to our souls. In this case, we employ the power of our limited minds and bodies to find what we need. This choice will bring struggle to our lives, wasting much of our life force for a worthless benefit.

To conclude, the Internet affects our lives by bringing facilities and opportunities to learn more, meet more people, enjoy more, and, more importantly, conserve resources for a better life. When in front of a computer that is connected to the Internet, the entire world is mine. I am there to choose the things that best reflect my connection to my self-worth, and I have to do this among all the marketing tactics, lengthy discussions in forums, and repetitive social-media shares, which are all contradistinctions to all that is, just as it is in real life. The results of my choices will reflect my self-worth, as well as the quality and power of my free will. The Internet influences me in a way that reveals my deeper personality and my real connection to my own life. I find it to be a very honest mirror.