To forgive is to recognize and honor your experiences. To honor your experiences is to accept them, embrace them, and give them a cozy place in your heart.

When you manage to forgive, the bitter, encrusted layer of fat covering the experience starts to melt away thanks to the warmth of your heart. After this, the experience is nothing but an experience, with no villain or victim. Both the villain and the victim melt together with the layer of fat. What remains is just what the experience was. What remains is our true existence, and our true existence radiates light.

This means we’re not actually forgiving someone or something else; we are just saying goodbye to our victimized sides and continuing down the road with our real identities, which we failed to see because of the layer of fat covering our experiences. Not only are we able to move on with the power of our true nature, we also shine, illuminating our surroundings. This is why we should forgive: to feel and love our true power of existence.

(Eternal thanks and love to those I regarded as villains, be they people, events, or experiences. Now it’s time for me to retrace the resentment and suffering that stands in my way, embracing them with open arms…)