History is only a tale that speaks about the endless struggle between the powerful and the weak. This long, long story has a very interesting aspect: By the end of each episode, the power always shifts to the opposite side.
The weak ones begin to gather strength at the very first moment they reach the bottom of their vital force. Around the same time, the powerful ones begin to lose their supremacy just after touching the peak of their power. Whether it is a struggle between two persons, two nations or any two opposite sides, such as men and women, this never changes.
From Generation to Generation
No one knows how many generations have taken place on planet Earth. What we do know is that the most recent generation always possesses all the information and experiences of its ancestors, either consciously or unconsciously.
Life is like a vehicle constructed on wheels; it can carry and bring forth information to later generations, from the first until the last. Life demands we have experiences that have closure. Any story that is not completed will occupy the subconscious until it is eventually completed.
The energy of that kind of story obliges the following generations to find a way to complete the unfinished experiences of the previous generations. A fifth-generation grandchild, for example, will have a very strong instinct that pushes him to look at his family tree and research his ancestors, digging deeply into their stories.
In particular, the open-ended and incomplete stories between perpetrators and victims will never cease pushing later generations to look into the stories and conclude them. This compulsion will endure until they reach a time and place where both sides, the perpetrator and the victim, unify in oneness. The concept of oneness requires a very deep wisdom. Both sides have to properly understand and accept that the two opposite sides do in fact belong to the same energy of the experience, and separation can only exist within consciousness.
That is why spirituality claims that most difficulties in life come from unfinished duties and stories inherited from our ancestors, while other difficulties may be due to incomplete experiences from our own past lives. Sudden casualties; recurring, difficult experiences; divorces; poverty to the point of starvation; not being able to have a child; feeling like a murderer or victim; and other unwanted experiences are all about the unfinished stories of our ancestors.
The World is a Stage
According to spiritual theories, most of the time when a member of a soul group chooses to complete an unfinished story, the member returns (or maybe arrives for the first time) to the material life together with other members of the same soul group. They make contracts between each other before returning/coming to life. When they return to the planet, we can see them as family members, as friends or most of the time, as two people contributing to a fight at the two opposite sides of an issue.
Only a few souls decide to complete multiple stories in a single lifetime. They are mostly young, possibly even baby souls that want to progress fast. These souls are planning a special scenario that will create or contain many opportunities to fulfill the task. They may choose to be an actor, a script or novel writer, a movie or TV producer, or any other kind of artist.
As artists, they find countless ways to return to past stories and complete them with any ending possible. Happy, sad, tiring, comforting, smooth, hard, joyful, grieving, and many other kinds of endings lie ahead of them. They even find the opportunity to write several endings to a single story and, of course, to act in all of them.
In each role of the script, movie, drawing, poem, novel, song, or other work, the artists unconsciously borrow incomplete stories from their ancestors. They experience the same story from beginning to end, but at a different level of awareness and in a different scene, with new role-sharers. Different variations on the same script arise, and the story finds an ending according to the time and place, the social norms, and the personality of the person taking the action.
Completion of a Story
For instance, let’s talk about an ancestor who was cheated on by his wife, yet somehow could not get a divorce, and who later died before satisfying his conscious or unconscious desire for revenge.
Here we have an incomplete story: A wounded soul that requires peace. Life will demand that the successive generations complete this story. Life does not pay attention to the manner in which it is completed, such as whether it’s a good or bad ending; it simply requires an ending. An artist in the third generation of the same family, for example, may consciously or otherwise undertake to finish the story. The one who undertakes this mission can be an actor or a writer, or maybe a painter or another kind of artist. Of course, the easiest way is to create and act in a similar scenario.
A writer creates a similar story. A scriptwriter puts it in a certain order, and an actor plays it with his interpretation and feelings. Somehow, they all are connected to each other by a fictional life story. Everyone who takes part in this new version gets a benefit: They become partly or wholly free.
Most likely, the conscious mind of the writer will push himself to write something that promises to make money. In spite of this conscious desire to become rich, he will still be directed by a subconscious obligation to write the most convenient ending in order to complete an inherited story.
With the purpose of completing the story and setting both sides free, he will finish the story in a way where the husband forgives his wife. The woman in this version feels guilty for a while, but at some point before the end, she stops blaming herself. She then accepts herself as she is.
Both sides are now free, with no more necessity to renew contracts for any future generations. They have become unified in oneness.
The Case Study
In this case, the novel writer, scriptwriter, and both of the main actors set themselves free from their ancestors’ unfinished experiences in the most positive way possible. This kind of ending can also set free some of the people that took part in the production and even some of those who watched the movie or performance. This brings peace, love, and harmony into their real and personal lives. Most likely, none of them will feel like creating or living a similar scenario again. They will flow back into life in order to heal other wounds in their souls.
In the case where the story continues with revenge motives and ends in such a way that one of the main characters keeps the anger alive and somehow punishes the other one, this will also bring the subconscious to the point of reuniting with all that is, and the heart will feel the story is completed. However, this does not ensure the mind will become free.
Yes, the soul that came to the world will experience a complete story and the subconscious mind will be satisfied. However, because of the pain that surfaces after the punishment, the conscious mind may not believe the person is completely free. The writers, the two main actors, and some of the others involved (staff, spectators, etc.) will flow back into life in order to take their part in another similar, but easier, scenario that can give them complete freedom.
Ways of Purifying
There are other potential ways to purify souls and set them free of karma by using novels and scenarios. For example, someone who tortures another actor according to the scenario can be punished by the law. Of course, this punishment will not be real, but rather as a part of the movie. Regardless, the subconscious will still believe it to be a kind of ultimate equality. A complete or partial freedom will then follow.
Another way is to write a war or a gangster story or to take any part in such a scenario.
If any ancestor has experienced being attacked and killed by more than one person, his or her soul will most probably be carrying deep wounds and may even be harboring a deep wish for retribution. In this case, a war or a gangster scenario can be used as the perfect tool to complete the story in order to purify his or her soul.
Someone from a newer generation undertakes the task of finishing the story by acting as a soldier, a hero, or a member of a street gang, and he kills many people during the story. He is the representative of his ancestor, with the other actors (who will be killed by him) representing the perpetrators of his ancestor’s death. Once more, any person involved in this case—such as the novel or script writer, an actor, a spectator, etc.—who carries a similar incomplete story in his subconscious will have the opportunity to complete his own story. They will be rebalanced, and their hearts, minds and subconscious thoughts, which have been integrated, will set them free of their ancestors’ lives.
You are all welcome to use my theory. It may help you fill your life with even more love, peace, and harmony. How can you use it to your own benefit? Very easily!
What to Do?
Simply thinking about your ancestors’ incomplete stories may help you to achieve the desired freedom. This may bring to your life the possibility of preserving connections with your roots, thus keeping yourself free, healthy, powerful, and happy. This way, you may also be nourished by your ancestors’ power while still setting your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions free of theirs. Freedom always brings power and happiness.
I hear you asking, “How can this be true?”
Scientists claim the subconscious is not able to distinguish between reality and fiction. It remembers everything we see, say, think, or hear, whether we notice it or not. The subconscious scans the memories of every moment and considers any incomplete data to be a task waiting to be finished. It then works hard to make the hidden memory visible in our physical world, with the intention of forcing us to find a way to complete the task.
The subconscious is within us and incessantly forces us to realize that we are whole, complete, free, and happy. It creates instincts to point out where to go in order to achieve anything the subconscious considers to be our wish or expectation. Until we achieve our wish and/or expectation or consciously stop this unpleasant situation, it repeatedly brings the same experience into our lives.
According to science, the conscious mind can collect or process five to nine bits of information in a second, whereas the subconscious mind is able to collect and process one million bits of data in the same time. While collecting, processing or repeating data, the subconscious does not care if the experience is easy or difficult, happy or sad, abundant or poor; it simply reintroduces it into our lives as an experience to be completed.
This attitude of the subconscious will continue until the moment when we will create an ending for each open-ended story. This means in order to liberate ourselves from our ancestors’ destinies and be able to live our own lives—without any interruption from the past—we first have to complete their stories or, acknowledging our entanglement, decide to do something that will fully convince the subconscious to stop repeating the same scenario. We also have to take action and sever the cords of our entanglement. While doing this, we have to keep in mind that this has to be done with full respect to our ancestors and their experiences.
So, my friend, go home and search for any repeating experience in your life. Write it down and begin to visualize or write every ending possible that comes to mind. Love, reunion, separation, conflict, struggle, understanding, compassion, sickness, returning to health, sadness, grief, happiness, joy, enthusiasm or whatever comes to mind is okay. Each time, simply try to find a different ending until you really feel free from the story.
If you cannot use any of the above ways, go to Family Constellation facilitators, who will accelerate the real story belonging to your ancestors whom you have unconsciously become entangled with. They will let your ancestors complete their story and set you free.
The law of attraction will still be working for you, and you will bring to your life only those energies that suite your own thoughts, feelings and emotions.