We start each New Year with the best wishes and hopes, but what if you had such power that you could actualize anything you wanted in a moment. What would you do?
Last night, I watched a movie called Absolutely Anything. It was a comedy about a man who is given a god-like power for 10 days. Like Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty, he uses this power for his own ends at first, but then he realizes he can use it to solve all humanity’s problems, so he starts by solving hunger and homelessness. Afterwards, we can see the consequences of his choices in the movie.
I imagine myself having this kind of power and ask myself, “What will I do? What will I change?” Will I solve every problem on earth in the blink of an eye? Will I solve my problems as well?
Maybe you’ve heard the story of the man who helped a caterpillar to escape its cocoon. He made it much easier for the caterpillar, but nature has its own balance. Nature’s harshness helps the caterpillar to grow strong wings when it turns into a butterfly, so the man’s assistance meant the butterfly had weak wings and could not fly.
Maybe with our good intentions, we would use this power to solve every problem at once, but look at it from the other side. Will you complete your child’s homework with your power? Will that help your child to learn and grow? Will you make everything in your house perfect without assigning any responsibilities to anyone else?
Every soul has various responsibilities and “homework” that are needed for its growth, and each of us evolves by completing and solving them. Would you accept any interference in your life? Would you want someone to come and solve everything for you? Okay, some help is nice sometimes, but as a kid, I had to learn to walk myself rather than crawl from one hug to the next. My parents arms were not somewhere I could stay forever.
Following this thought, I came to the point of not wanting to change the world so easily. We need to solve our own problems within ourselves rather than have them solved for us by some godly power or alien interference. We can ask for help, sure, but nobody can do for us the things we need to do ourselves.
I then had a feeling that maybe God has the same opinion too. He wants his children to grow on their own, even though he could make anything happen in a moment.
I think to myself that if I had this power, I would just ask for balance in everything that is to come, as well as the courage for my brothers and sisters to start their search for solutions.
This is also what I want from New Year…

Hasan Sonsuz