This state is a blessing, a veritable boon. It’s about giving and sharing your existence, as it is, as I am.
Every cell in my body is filled with love. It is such a state that I feel so overcome by this energy that I quiver, tremble, and lose myself if I cannot transmit it. It is within the nature of love to give, and now I apparently understand this. My full vessel feels a need to distribute its contents, refilling itself as it empties.
I yearn to see you in the source. I witness the desire, and I intend to become undone with love, yet still not to come out of you.
This state is a blessing, a veritable boon. It’s about giving and sharing your existence, as it is, as I am.
Since existence is so open for the taking, is it my mind being hung up on you that restrains me from giving the love that overflows from my body? Am I in the final desire, standing in front of love? Or is this a state of reunion that I do not recognize. My mind has already passed its limits. It seems like there’s nothing called “I” after my desire brought me to you so many times, breaking itself into pieces every time. My pulse beats as it calls out to “you.” Everything I know to be real falls apart and is destroyed. You said love is a cause, and it needs witnesses—this love asks for testimony.
Be the locksmith of love that searches for a door to escape my body and my senses. Better still, be the door itself. Let me give. See the part of you that merely wants to give without terms or conditions. And take. If only one door of a single sense cracks open, it is enough for the love in my weakened body. Once you know love, you know me. You will then understand.
Let me see you, and let me see myself in love. If I could see it in your eyes just once, then I wouldn’t persist in my search. Maybe I wouldn’t insist on you. Maybe I’d prefer to die in your eyes, but I cannot promise…
This has grown in me so much that you cannot ignore, postpone, or escape from it. There’s merit in this state, both for you and I. Your looks as you planted this seed in my heart, your words that water it with hope, have merit. Please open your heart. I agree with your rage and your grace in equal proportions. My soul has been sharpened enough to bear them both. Open your heart, both to take in and let everything come out. Whatever comes from the heart is the highest and most righteous blessing.