Hail to you all!
Welcome to all those who gather in Hz. Pir Rumi’s ocean of love.
Hail to the pure souls who accompany him. Hail to those dearest ones.
Hail to those who listen to the cries of Hz. Pir Rumi and row on the ocean of union inside the non-existent boat (the body). Hail to those who wear the armor of joy and amusement on this long journey of evolution, those who wield the sword of bravery, those who stand against evil and negativity with the shield of conversation, those who never abandon the spear of truth, and those who bleed their hearts with the arrow of love.
Hail to the greatest and oldest soldiers of the world, those who refused to decide on any of the temptations (e.g., money, property, fame) that play with their lives and instead filled their sails not with wind but with the breath from their lungs.
Hail to those peaceful and quiet ones who sail through this infinite sea and wrap themselves up in silence as a thousand stormy nights burst through their hearts.
Hail to those who use the Masnavi as their compass and their insight as binoculars for this long journey.
Hail to the people of Ahmed-i Muhtar, lord of the universe, who divides the moon in half with a single move.
Hail to those who awaken from their sleep, going from themselves to themselves. Hail to those taking the infinite journey through their own sea.
And hail once more to the lovers on this journey of no return, those who wave from the shore, and those who weep.
Hail to the Sultan of mortality, the Shah of immortality, who writes the eternalness of eternity on his throne.
To the sovereign, to time, to fate, to the obvious, to the offspring, to the lover, and to friends…

Celallettin Berberoğlu