At first, humans do not know what it is to be a human or the benevolence of being a one. The reality of the world in which humans live absorbs them, such that they gradually become strangers to their own reality. The void in between grows so much, and in the limbo right next to that void, they begin to question their own reality. Where and when did they leave their own essence behind? What caused all the resentment, the silence, and the fear? What knife cut the cord connecting them to their existence? Did they feel left behind as the cord of their essence was detached from the Mighty and Merciful?
They were actually connected to their own existence through this cord that was cut, but it’s not a separation or an abandonment of their benevolence, which is really their own selves. They have instead set sail on their own sea of infinity, with the necessary compass coming in the form of the magnetic field within. They accepted to undertake this secret duty from the very beginning, when nothing else had the courage to do so. They did this because the fuel of courage flowed through their veins.
It is the story of a sorrowful paradox that is lived through, one where people accepted this treasure at the beginning and then forgot about it, instead looking for it in other places. Once you solve this paradox, the key that unlocks the gate of the treasure becomes the Aleph. It becomes you, the he or she, and everything. Any distortion in sight vanishes once you grasp the secret of Oneness, once you reach the Benevolence.
If there is nothing but this, why deny it? Who are you to hide your Benevolence, your desire to seek the Truth?
If there is no one to hide it from, from whom are you wary?
If the distortion in your sight would go away, everything and everyone you see around you would be you. Further from you, it is he or she, because it wants to be known as well. It says, “I was a hidden treasure, and I wanted to be known and create the creatures. I created these creations so that they act as a mirror for me, and I’d see my grace in their reflection.”
When the infinite source wants to be known, why do we try to cover and hide it? What are we denying, when we believe and have faith? Since we want to reunite, why are we trying to push it away, guard against it, and fear it?
Just as we cannot bring into being all the things we desire in life, how can it be that we pull and push at the same time? Why can we have faith in a partner yet distrust him or her at the same time? Why do we squint and get lost in the sea of astonishments while searching for the sea we have lost, the sea that we ourselves actually are…
Each of us is a chest that wants to be opened. Opening this chest and spreading the light of the treasures inside is your divine heritage. Your responsibility is to satisfy the commitment you made at the very beginning with all your honor. You need to free the treasures inside this chest of the divine body and illuminate the darkness with all your might.
You do not do this by hiding and exercising caution. The task of a human being is to light the way for those who are willing to unlock this chest with the certainty of love and compassion.
All these chests are open to those who know to wait by the door, to those who knock on the door, and to those who wait patiently.
Give your love, your money, and your guidance to those who know how to come to you. Who are you giving it to? You give it to yourself. Who are you taking it from? You take it from yourself. Who gives? Who takes? Who waits for something in return?
If you had given your love unconditionally, if you had let it pour out without any hesitation, you would not have degraded yourself in any way. You certainly would not have felt that your treasure had been wasted.
If you had claimed ownership of your own treasure and taken responsibility for it, you would’ve known that it is nothing other than you, someone who left and came back to you. You would have swum in the infinite sea with the certain feeling of peaceful surrender.
Now is the time to correct this! You already accepted the infinite wealth of your heritage at the very beginning, so remember it and take responsibility for it. Let the radiance of your treasure shine brightly from within the chest of your body. Let it radiate it over everyone and everything rather than trying to hide it, just like the Sun does.
Ya Hu!

Munire Mine Arslan