My eyes exist to see You.
My hands exist to reach You.
Today I set my life on your Path —
Tomorrow I will find You.
Today I set my life on your Path,
so tomorrow you may know my worth;
Don’t give me Paradise as reward for my faith —
I have no desire to go.
The place you call Paradise
for which every good believer strives
is but a house of beautiful women to the wise —
I have no desire to embrace them.
You gave me a son and a daughter
who’ve brought me every pleasure;
even for them I have no more desire —
All my desire is for You.
Give all that to the orthodox believers —
They are the ones who want Your favors.
I have no desire for home or possessions either —
I have no desire but for You.
Yunus misses You terribly.
Show him that You miss him too.
If Your way is not to torture,
show some mercy so he can reach You.

Yunus Emre