The Perfect Man said to have come to Anatolia in the form of a dove…
The philosophy still kept alive in his Cem Ceremonies
The effort of seeking that secret philosophy….
And here is “Haci Bektas Veli and the Cem Ceremony”…
According to legend Haci Bektaş Veli came to Anatolia in the form of a dove there being no more inoffensive creature. The dove is a perfect image because Hacı Bektas Veli was a Perfect Man who came to Anatolia in the war, massacre, blood and tears of the 13 th century as a source of peace and affection to nurture the souls of Anatolian people.
His philosophy, based on peace an tolerance, still survive in the Cem Ceremonies.
This documentary, “Haci Bektas Veli and the Cem Ceremony” tries to solve the secret symbolism of the Cem Ceremony which is the spiritual worship of Alevi and Bektasi Communities.
Directed by – Semra Sander
Produced – Semra Sander
Written – Semra Sander
Camera – Erol Yazıcı
Editor – Leyla Şahin
Narrator – Mehmet Atay
Music – Can Atilla
Produced by TRT