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spiritual penance

Spiritual Penance 

People have often asked me, “Hasan, why don’t you make some money with all the knowledge you’ve accumulated?” but I always chose to ignore them. I’ve always felt distanced from those who prioritize money over knowledge, so when I once felt such an inclination, I…

the sun and gold

The Sun and Gold 

For thousands of years, gold was considered the metal of the Sun. The chemical symbol Au comes from the Latin word Aurum, meaning glittering and shining. With its impressive bright-yellow and glittery appearance, gold is also a very heavy metal. It is also very resistant…

balance yourself

Balance Yourself 

The wheels of life never spin pointlessly. They are in tune with our conscious and unconscious learning, and they evolve as a result. Those who lack a proper inner balance tend to experience these life lessons more often. Each time the wheels of life pass…

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