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choices and destiny

Choices and Destiny 

Sometimes we question destiny. Sometimes we grow angry with our own destinies, and those who prefer to take responsibility for their own lives start to question whether destiny exists or not. Is it possible that in reality, destiny represents the options we have whenever we…

25 ways to happiness
Featured, Life

25 Ways to Happiness 

How can I be happy? This question is behind every human thought and action, marketing campaign, manufactured product, social structure, philosophy, theory, psychology, science and religion. In fact, everything that comes from us humans is an attempt to answer this particular question. Check out our…

tough choices

Tough Choices 

“Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made.” —Wayne Dyer Defining our purpose in life with how we earn a living sometimes seems like the best way to live life. Many of us go to work without any enthusiasm, so we…

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