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is consciousness one or many?

Is Consciousness One or Many? 

Can Consciousness be called by names like Christ Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness etc.? Is it correct to make such distinctions? Ultimately, all there is is one consciousness. But it is also possible to make distinctions within the one consciousness of different expressions and dimensions of that…

why is the world like this?

Why is the World Like This? 

Actually, there are no problems in the world, yet our minds feel there are. This happens because of how we perceive the world due to our state of mind. We humans assume that what we see in our minds is a real interpretation of the…

the nature of reality

The Nature of Reality 

Who am I? An eternal question that leads to the awakening of the seeker… Ishvara – Brahman – Atman – Paramatman Anyone can be God. Even you can be God. All is consciousness, even things that appear not, actually are, for they come from consciousness…

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