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we are all dying

We Are All Dying 

We are all dying… It’s the inevitable finale… We all know it, but how aware are we of it? That’s the question. Do we remember it during our daily life? With our own mortality and that of our loved ones, as living things, every one…

the meditation of life and death
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The Meditation of Life and Death 

In this day and age, people seek to increase their energy levels by taking nutritional supplements. They consult gurus or chase material wealth to increase their happiness. They look to social institutions and political parties to provide safety. Then, in order to survive death, they…

we are immortal! hooray!

We are Immortal! Hooray! 

I first came across something similar while reading The Divine Order and the Universe. Later, as I listened to Don Miguel Ruiz’s speech about “The Four Agreements,” I heard him say something like this: “What moves matter is actually life itself. Life moves matter, and…

who am i then?

Who Am I Then? 

A few days ago, I came across a video showing how Tibetans offer their dead to the vultures. That’s right—Tibetans don’t bury their dead, because they don’t have enough suitable land. They don’t burn bodies either, because they don’t have enough trees, so they feed…

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