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spiritual birth

Spiritual Birth 

To be born spiritually means to awaken from the dream of death. To see as a perfectly obvious reality, that you are eternal spirit, the essence of everything. This physical world, universe in fact, is a place of constant change, decay; it is bound in…

how do we know?

How Do We Know? 

Self-realization is knowing who you really are. How do we know something? Is it enough to be told? Or is there something more that must happen for us to truly know something? And do we even need to be told who we already are? It…

“damn it, i don’t want that!”

“Damn it, I don’t want that!” 

Everyone has experienced many times in their life something that frustrates, upsets, annoys, angers and a host of other emotions around things they don’t want and/or people that upset them. What is the natural response? “Damn it, I don’t want that!” and push back against who…

which one do you choose?

Which One Do You Choose? 

If you presume your “old life” ended yesterday and your “new life” began today, cut in two as if by a knife stroke, you’re seriously wrong. If you do, you will encounter elements that trigger and show your internal darkness more than ever before. Blaming…

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